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LoL T1 Academy Rekkles: Does he have the level for Korea?

Today took place in the first matches of the LCKCL 2024, a championship in which we find T1 Academy and therefore Rekkles, the European legend.

After a difficult Winter Split and a mixed Spring Split in the LEC, Rekkles chose to change roles by becoming support. During the 2023-2024 offseason transfer window, a big surprise was revealed: the signing of Rekkles with T1 Academy in the LCKCL.

Indeed, on December 11, the world was able to learn of the signing of Rekkles in Korea. With this choice, the latter has clear ambitions to progress as best as possible in his new functions. And today, Rekkles, known for his experience at the forefront of the competitive scene; took his first steps in LCK Challengers. We'll tell you more.

T1 Academy Rekkles: Impresses everyone with his LCKCL debut

Facing a great KDF team, Rekkles was able to shine and provide all his help for his team despite the defeat. With Dal, Guwon, Poby, and Smash at his side; Rekkles made very good impressions in his LCKCL debut. In a very good BO3, the Swedish player was able to do well despite a first defeat. 

His performance today only announces great things for him in the future. Indeed, Rekkles proved to Korea that he had the necessary level to perform. The latter even obtained the title of “Player of The Game” for the first game. In addition, the Swedish player brings a new audience to the Korean championship; the Caedrel streamer who rebroadcasts T1 Academy matches reached a Peak Viewer of more than 70k viewers. For Rekkles, it will be necessary to confirm his good debut against DK.C this Friday January 19, 2024.

T1 Academy Rekkles: Impresses everyone with his LCKCL debut

What is the LCK Challengers (LCKCL)?

The LCK Challengers is the second division of League of Legends in South Korea . The country, known as a top training center, lives up to its reputation.

A lot of great players have passed through this championship, including the winners of the LoL 2023 Worlds: Zeus, Keria and Gumayusi . The LCKCL represents a mine of rough diamonds in the eyes of higher league structures.