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Metal Palworld: where to find it, farm it and what is it for?

 Looking for how to get metal in Palworld? Don't panic, We are here to give you all the information in this article!

Palworld is a brand new game available since the beginning of 2024 and it is already causing a sensation. Despite several controversies regarding potential Pokémon plagiarism and the use of generative AI, Palworld has already been at the top of sales and concurrent players on Steams since its release on January 19, 2024.

In Palworld, metal is a precious and essential resource. To obtain this resource, you can count on your luck by wandering around the game map. You can also consult this guide to know all the possible ways to obtain metal on Palworld and farm it efficiently.

How to get metal in Palworld and how to use it?

Metal is one of the first important resources when you progress. This ore, once melted, will give you metal ingots. These ingots are essential for the manufacture of mounts (saddle or harness), tools, spheres, or even the construction of buildings.

The metal is easily found in its natural state in the form of rock, you will find it everywhere during your expeditions, it is not a very rare resource. Indeed, it is one of the most abundant resources, however, this resource constitutes a real weight in your inventory and will therefore requisition a lot of your time.

How to get metal in Palworld and how to use it

How to farm metal quickly?

There is a method to optimize your metal farm! Indeed, when you have the possibility of creating a second base (when your main base is Lv 10) , we advise you to create the second base near metal deposits. This method is a huge time saver since it will save you from making unnecessary trips.

This second camp will serve as your metal factory, so it is important to place Pals who can mine and transport metal such as Digtoise, Rushoar, or Blazamut.

How to farm metal quickly