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MHA 412 Raw and spoilers: Discover the full leak of the My Hero Academia scan

Do you want to know the release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 412 and where to read it for free and legally? We'll answer you!

In a universe where 80% of the population has a superhuman ability called a “quirk,” heroes are an integral part of daily life, just like supervillains! At the top of the hierarchy of heroes is the invincible All Might, the most powerful among them! A fervent admirer of All Might, young Izuku Midoriya, has only one dream: to be accepted into the Heroes Academy and thus follow in the footsteps of his idol.

However, he belongs to the minority of 20% of the population who have no special powers... Everything changes the day Izuku's destiny crosses that of All Might himself! The latter offers him an unexpected opportunity to see his dream come true. Thus begins Izuku's difficult path to realizing his heroic dream! Check out MHA Chapter 412 release date and spoilers in this article.

Raw, spoilers and release date for MHA chapter 412

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 releases on January 21, 2024, at 5 PM PST. Y

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Raw, spoilers and release date for MHA chapter 412

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Spoilers

The chapter begins with an x-ray view of Deku's arm, revealing that he is using the Black Whip inside to expand his muscles. He then follows up with another blow from Fa Jin, accompanied by wind pressure. This first page is punctuated with flashbacks showing Deku using One For All on his fingers throughout the series.

On the second page, flashbacks of Izuku using One For All on his fingers flash by. He then prepares to deliver another blow from Fa Jin, exploiting the pressure of the wind.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Spoilers

DELAWARE SMASH! from page 3 elicits laughter from Shigaraki, who recognizes Midoriya's ingenuity in destroying the arena, an effective tactic against Decay. However, Shigaraki attempts to hit the ground again, realizing that the dust cloud from the previous attack has not dissipated.

Page 4 picks up with Shigaraki laughing, appreciating Midoriya's strategy. Page 5 shows Shigaraki attempting to touch the ground again, but the dust cloud persists. Many Black Whips then emerge from the smoke, with Deku coming from above to rip Shigaraki's arm off with one punch. He uses Gearshift's first gear on the smoke screen to slowly make it disappear, and Black Whip to continuously trigger Shigaraki's danger sense.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Spoilers

Page 7 reveals that after being hit by Nagant's curveball, Deku is aware that danger sense is not infallible. As he charges Fa Jin, Shigaraki uses Search to find him and reaches him with the black tentacles, revealing Deku's weakness: he cannot breathe.

The ending of Gearshift on page 8 results in a painful setback for Deku. Shigaraki's arm regenerates, and he notices that Deku is overdoing it, to the point where the Black Whip is now visible on the outside of his arm, forming black marks everywhere.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Spoilers

On page 9, Shigaraki mocks Deku, pointing out the latter's difficulty in focusing solely on fighting due to his responsibilities. However, Deku refuses to give up on the crying boy. Shigaraki dodges another blow and begins a speech.

Page 10 shows Shigaraki expressing that each individual sees the world through their own lens and is always trying to make sense of what they don't understand. Deku, according to him, is trying to unravel Shigaraki's mysteries without knowing anything about him.

On page 11, Shigaraki states that some people cannot be saved and represents the greatest obstacle to the hero that is Deku. However, Deku refuses the idea of ​​an instant death attack as a solution.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Spoilers

Page 12 features Deku reflecting on Shigaraki's words during the Last War, discussing how hero society hides pain. Deku decides that he will not stop fighting until he reveals this reality.

Page 13 reveals that Kudou had not accepted Deku, but, after examining his memories, understood that Midoriya had never abandoned anyone. The vision of Star and Stripe inside the remains attracts the attention of Aura Might and Kudou.

Page 15 concludes the chapter with Kudou asking Deku to renounce One For All, while a flashback recalls All Might's words encouraging Deku to become a hero.