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Mistakes you make in Palworld and that you can easily avoid


Mistakes you make in Palworld and that you can easily avoid

We offer you a compendium of mistakes that many players are making in their first hours at Palworld so that you can avoid them or take advantage of them to your advantage.

It is likely that during your first hours at Palworld, you have encountered a multitude of challenges and have later identified a series of mistakes that you made.

This is quite common, and it is advisable to know what the most common mistakes of beginners are so that you can avoid them and thus have a better learning curve.

They are a series of errors that you should know, even before embarking on Palworld, and thanks to them you will progress more safely throughout the adventure.

So we let you know the mistakes that are usually made in Palworld, and that you can easily avoid with a series of tips that will be great for you.

Mistakes you make in Palworld that you can easily avoid

Planning at a greater distance

It is essential that you take out the glider to reach greater distances and also avoid inaccessible areas or enemies. But the best way to use the glider is by sprinting or gliding, as you will gain momentum, causing you to go double the distance with the glider.

Statistics you should invest in

There can be many doubts regarding the statistics that should be invested in, and it is one of the biggest mistakes that players can make. Our recommendation is that you start by investing in the resistance parameter.

Afterward, focus a little more on life, and then you can alternate between the weight and speed of work.

Best mount for the beginning

We have many options for mounts, but in our opinion, the Direhowl is the best one you have during the first hours of the game since it is efficient and also has a good attack.

Changing parameters of the world

Before you create your world or go to load it, it is recommended that you go to the world options. Here you can vary aspects of the gameplay and the difficulty to make it more or less complicated so that you can adapt it at all times to your way of playing.

The right way to create foundations

One of the mistakes you can end up making is creating bases that are too generic, which will cause your colleagues to basically ignore you.

What you need to do is create more specialized workforces. For example, you can focus on creating an ingot farm to focus on specific minerals.

If you generalize too much you are not going to get your colleagues at the base to do the job well.

Best way to give orders to colleagues

One way to force colleagues to do a particular job is to directly drag or drop them to the location of the job you want them to focus on.

The creature will automatically be able to work with the same, so you will no longer have to specialize so much in the basics because you will directly take them to the place where you want them to work.

Use the repair kits from the beginning

As you progress in the adventure, especially in terms of bases, you have to repair the elements.

It is essential that from the beginning you unlock the repair kits and use them.

If you are careless, then it will be much more expensive to create the structures from scratch.

Do not eat raw foods, you must cook them

It is essential that you cook food since it will give you better skills and a greater number of points.

So use the corresponding campfires and even the pots so that the food is much tastier and you obtain greater benefits.

Food bags

Thanks to the food bags we can ensure that all our allies and the character himself have food within reach at all times.

As for companions, they will be able to eat from there automatically, so you won't have to worry about supplying them manually.

The dungeons, with caution

You will find many dungeons in the world, but you can make the mistake of entering them too soon.

Inside you will find challenges of a higher level than your character, and therefore you must be well prepared.

We do not recommend going to the dungeons in the first hours of the game but, when you see that you have acceptable equipment, do not hesitate to enter them to obtain newer specimens and many other bonuses.

As you can see, there are a series of mistakes that many players are making in the first hours of Palworld, but once you know how to avoid them and take advantage of them, you will have a lot to gain.