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One Piece 1106 Raw: Saturn Takes Action! The Buster Call is called

Back in the present, Saturn faces the mugiwaras and Bonney! Discover the spoilers and raw in addition to the release date of chapter 1106.

For many years, pirates from all over the world have been engaged in a fierce battle to get their hands on One Piece, a legendary treasure hidden by the late Gold Roger, the king of pirates. At the same time, a young man named Luffy decides to embark on an adventure at sea with the aim of becoming the ruler of the pirates!

Luffy and his crew are in Egghead and were able to discover the iconic Vegapunk character. This is also the first time that we see a member of the five elders, of the world government, fighting! Find out One Piece Chapter 1106 spoilers, release date, and a platform to read it for free and legally.

Raw and spoilers for One Piece chapter 1106: Kuma, Luffy, and Bonney face Saturn!

Here are the few spoilers we have so far for One Piece Chapter 1106:

In chapter 1106 titled "At Your Side", brief spoilers by PewPiece were revealed on Twitter. The plot takes place on the island where Saturn and Kizaru have a plan of annihilation towards all the inhabitants. However, before Kizaru can put this plan into action, Luffy intervenes by knocking him back with a powerful punch. Furthermore, Bonney discovers the truth about Luffy's abilities and perceives Nika's presence within him.

Unexpectedly, the authority of the Pacifista is now in Bonney's hands, following Vegapunk's intervention on the fleas. The chapter takes a dramatic turn when Saturn attacks Vegapunk in retaliation for what he did to the Pacifista. Finally, at the conclusion of the chapter, the long-awaited revelation comes: Dorry and Brogy are revealed as being responsible for the destruction of the Navy ships. 

Chapter 1105: "Apogee of Stupidity", the cover features Carrot making soup for Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

One Piece 1106 Raw: Saturn Takes Action! The Buster Call is called

 Sanji escorts Bonney to the Vacuum Rocket, only to quickly return to save Vegapunk. Saturn informs Vegapunk of his drastic decision to destroy Egghead's escape ship, and Egghead as a whole. Navy warships unleash their might on Egghead Island, while Saturn and Kizaru make the decision to stay put.

According to Vegapunk, destroying this place would be a step back 100 years because the knowledge of who is on this island is so important. Saturn doesn't care and replies that knowledge is only an obstacle for the World government. They don't need progress.

One Piece 1106 Raw: Saturn Takes Action! The Buster Call is called

A scene change takes us to the back of the Phase Lab, where Nami, Robin (sleeping), and Chopper are. Meanwhile, Brook and Lilith undertake a daring maneuver by melting the clouds to slide the Thousand Sunny towards the back door.

Zoro's fight against Lucci continues behind the scenes, although not visible in this chapter. Jinbe steps in to separate them, ensuring Zoro doesn't get lost in the battle.

One Piece 1106 Raw: Saturn Takes Action! The Buster Call is called

As Sanji rushes towards Vegapunk, Kizaru takes flight and cuts off the Vacuum Rocket, causing Bonney and Kuma to fall. A critical situation develops, highlighted by Saturn's order for all Pacifistas to shoot at them, despising their pathetic fate in the face of Kuma's clones. Saturn expresses his exasperation: “This is the height of stupidity!”

On the last page, attention shifts to the Navy warship sent by Saturn to sink Egghead's escape ship. However, an unexpected twist occurs when the ship is destroyed by an unknown enemy. A surviving Marine implores, "Contact Kizaru-san immediately!! We need to tell him that 'them' are heading towards Egghead!" According to theories found on the internet, " them" actually represents the crew of the infamous Blackbeard! 

One Piece 1106 Raw: Saturn Takes Action! The Buster Call is called

At the end of the chapter, the navy is also seen trying to capture Luffy, who is immobile because he has eaten too much.

One Piece 1106 Raw: Saturn Takes Action! The Buster Call is called

The chapter ends on this intense note, leaving readers in suspense. Please note that no interruptions are planned for next week.

One Piece Chapter 1106 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1106 officially releases on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at 4 p.m.  PT. 

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