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Pal Fruit on Palworld: Location and what is it for?

Fruit Skills or Pal Fruits are essential in Palworld to improve your skills. Check out their location here!

Palworld has quickly established itself as a must-have on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. This title, initially less anticipated, surprised everyone by overtaking giants such as Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 in number of simultaneous players.

Despite accusations of plagiarism which divided players on the internet, the game has won over players around the world. Among players, one of the questions that comes up the most is the location of Pal Fruits. Discover here the location of all Pal Fruits or Skill fruits on Palworld.

Location of all Pal Fruits (Skill fruit) on Palworld

The locations of Fruits de Pals come from the site. These fruits, harvested from the Pals Fruit Trees, allow you to give skills to your Pals. Each tree allows you to obtain up to 3 Pals Fruits and grants you random skills. Here is the location of all the Fruits of Pals:

Location of all Pal Fruits (Skill fruit) on Palworld

Location of all Pal Fruits (Skill fruit) on Palworld

What are Pal Fruits (Skill Fruit) on Palworld?

Pal Fruits are fruits that can grant a skill to your companion, your Pal. A low-level Pal only has one usable active skill. However, once leveled up, a Pal can have up to three active skills! Pal's Fruit therefore resembles a "CT" (Technical Capsule) in Pokémon. These single-use consumable items grant your Pals the ability to learn a skill instantly.

You can also use an Ice Pal Fruit on a Fire Pal without any problem!

Palworld is a completely new open-world survival game, focused on multiplayer, offering you the opportunity to collect mysterious creatures called “Pals ”. Your goal is to make them fight, build structures, have them work in the fields, and keep your factories running.