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Palworld Belle Fleur location: where to find it and what is it for?

 Are you looking for how to get a Beautiful Flower in Palworld? Don't panic, We are here to give you all the information in this article!

Palworld is a brand new game that surprised more than one when it was released since it placed at the top of sales and the number of simultaneous players on Steam. This performance is all the more important given the drama surrounding Pokémon plagiarism faced by Palworld.

In Palworld, metal is a precious and essential resource. To obtain this resource, you can count on your luck by wandering around the game map. You can also consult this guide to know all the possible ways to obtain metal on Palworld and farm it efficiently.

Where and how to get Belle Fleur on Palworld?

Beyond a certain threshold in Palworld, it will become essential to gather a large number of Beautiful Flowers in order to concoct recipes of level 25 or higher. To spot these precious flowers, two approaches are available. The first involves a visit to the wildlife sanctuary located at coordinates 80, -710 (requiring a Pal equipped with a saddle). The second method to obtain Beautiful Flowers consists of eliminating the following Pals:

  • Ribbony
  • Petalia
  • Wumpo
  • Wumpo Botan
Where and how to get Belle Fleur on Palworld

What is Palworld?

Palworld is a multi-faceted video game that combines elements of survival, construction, exploration, farming, industry, automation, dungeon crawling, genetic selection, poaching, and crime. Players can mount creatures called Pals to explore hostile environments, build complex structures, take care of basic needs, and develop agricultural and industrial operations with the help of these creatures.

Automation is present, allowing players to build factories and assign Pals to manual labor, although these creatures must be fed to maintain productivity. The game also features elements of genetic selection, poaching with the capture of endangered Pals, and a multiplayer dimension that allows players to adventure, fight, trade, and more, with fights planned in a future update.