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Palworld crossplay Xbox PC: how to play between the two platforms?

 It is possible to play crossplay in Palworld but, however, there are restrictions depending on the platforms (PC, Steam, Xbox Game Pass).

Palworld is the new game at the start of the year which is causing a sensation by beating players on Steam in less than a week after its release. Unfortunately, the game is also in the news for thePokémon plagiarism controversy.

Despite everything, Palworld is an undeniable success. It is available on Xbox and PC, via Steam and Game Pass. It's obviously a multiplayer game that benefits from crossplay functionality. However, there are restrictions. So, how to play between Xbox and PC at Palworld?

Can we play crossplay between PC and Xbox?

Palworld, the survival adventure game where you can capture and train fascinating creatures, has opened up to the horizons of crossplay. So how do you take advantage of this feature between Xbox and PC Game Pass? Follow these simple steps:

  • Creating a multiplayer world: Launch Palworld and make sure the multiplayer option is enabled when creating a new world.
  • Obtain an invitation code: Once in the game, open the Options menu and note your invitation code, symbolized by an eye.
  • Share the code: Share this code with your friends, who can then join your game by selecting "Join a multiplayer game" from the main menu and entering this code.

This crossplay system allows you to bring together up to four players, whether they are on Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass. However, it's important to note that Palworld's dedicated servers on Steam, which allow up to 32 players, are not yet compatible with Xbox. Therefore, the crossplay functionality does not work for Steam players on other platforms.

For Steam users, Palworld offers an extensive multiplayer experience with the ability to create dedicated servers. These servers allow for broader cooperation and competition, up to 32 players simultaneously.

In multiplayer, Palworld offers several cooperative and competitive activities. You can choose to collaborate peacefully, trade Pals, explore together, or take a more competitive path by stealing your friends' Pals and items. Additionally, battles between Pals are possible, adding a strategic element to the game.

An important consideration for joining a guild in Palworld is that to share a base and work together, players must be in the same guild. To do this, approach another player and ask to join their guild when the prompt appears.

Can we play crossplay between PC and Xbox

As Palworld is an early-access game, some multiplayer features, such as PvP (player versus player) and increasing the maximum number of players per server, will be added in future updates.