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Palworld Depression: how to cure a Pal of this penalty?

 Are your Pals suffering from depression in Palworld? We explain to you how to cure them of this condition!

Palworld has been a real success since its release on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Despite a drama surrounding accusations of Pokémon plagiarism, the game is already a must-have for the start of 2024. In Palworld, the well-being of your Pals and your character is essential since it is about 'a survival game. Unlike conditions such as Hunger, Depression in Pals requires special attention and specific treatment.

Fortunately, with the right tools and resources, you can easily remedy this condition and keep your companions happy so they can be more effective on your camp and in combat.

How to cure your Pals of Depression on Palworld?

In Palworld, Pals' Depression can be cured using High-Quality Medical Supplies, crafted at the Medicine Workbench. Required ingredients include Ingots, Horns, and Bones, with optional assistance from a Pal skilled in Medical Manufacturing. Processing is done either directly at the base or via the inventory for the Pals in your team or in the Pals Box.

How to Make High-Quality Medical Supplies?

  • Build the Medieval Medicine Workbench, unlocked at level 12.
  • Gather 5 Ingots, 5 Horns (you can get them by eliminating Horned Pals), and 2 Bones (you can get them from Vixy, Rushoar, Gorirat, etc.).
  • Use a Pal with a Medical Production aptitude to speed up manufacturing, such as Lifmunk and Lovander.

How to treat your Pals from depression?

  • If your Pal is working at the base, use the 'Feed' option in the menu to administer medication.
  • For the Pals in your team, open your inventory and apply the High-Quality Medical Supplies.
  • If the Pal is in your Palbox, transfer it to the base or your team for processing.

How to prevent your Pals from getting depressed?

Make sure to leave food in your base and build a Hot Spring to recover their sanity.

How to prevent your Pals from getting depressed

With these steps, you can effectively cure Depression in your Pals in Palworld.