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Palworld Dungeon: Where to find all locations on the map?

Do you want to face all the challenges of Palworld? We show you all the dungeon locations with some advice!

Palworld is a brand new game that is already breaking records on Steam despite the drama surrounding whether the game plagiarizedPokémonor not. In this exciting adventure, expect to find elements similar to Pokémon games such as capture, but also mechanics specific to survival games.

In Palworld, dungeons take the form of vast caverns offering intense challenges, with formidable enemies and Alpha Pals as bosses. Rewards include stat-boosting charms and rare gems. Dungeon locations vary, but some key locations have been identified.

Where to find dungeons in Parlworld?

Palworld Dungeons are mysterious locations, hidden within the game's open world. They take the form of towering caverns, providing a raiding experience for players. These dungeons are mazes filled with various enemies, where players must fight, explore, and solve puzzles to progress. They represent a crucial aspect of the game, providing both challenge and rewards for adventurous players...

Access to dungeons in Palworld is done by finding their entrances, usually marked by large, dark caves. Once inside, players are faced with a maze populated with enemies and challenges. The journey through a dungeon requires vigilance, strategy, and combat skills because the opponents encountered are often numerous and formidable.

Dungeon bosses and rewards

The highlight of each dungeon is the final fight against a Pal Alpha, a more powerful version of Palworld's regular creatures. These bosses are difficult to defeat but offer valuable rewards if successful. Players can expect to find rare items like charms and gems, as well as the chance to capture the Pal Alpha itself, a reward unique to dungeons.

Dungeon Locations

Dungeons can be found in various locations throughout the world of Palworld, including the Windswept Hills, Ice Wind Island, and Forgotten Island regions. Specific locations have been identified, providing players with targeted destinations for their dungeon crawls. These locations are given as coordinates, helping players find these hidden dungeons more easily. To help you out, here is a screenshot of the map with all the dungeon locations on Palworld. You can find it on Mapgenie:

Dungeon Locations

Before venturing into a dungeon, careful preparation is essential. Players must equip themselves with appropriate weapons and armor, stockpile resources, and plan their strategy. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the types of enemies present in the dungeons and adjust your equipment and tactics accordingly. Good preparation can make the difference between a successful adventure and a dismal failure.