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Palworld element table: the strengths and weaknesses of the Pals types

 Discover the table of elements in Palworld: strategies, weaknesses, and strengths of each type to choose your Pals team!

Palworld element table: the strengths and weaknesses of the Pals types

In Palworld, each creature, or Pal, has its own element with unique strengths and weaknesses. If you plan to play starting January 19, a thorough understanding of item types will be your key asset. This is also an element that will certainly help you choose your starter at the start of the game.

At the moment of Pokémon, the weaknesses and strengths of your Pals will help you win battles. But be careful, they are not similar to those of the Nintendo game. You can find all the strengths and weaknesses of Pal types in this article!

Element Weakness Chart in Palworld

In Palworld, each elemental type has its own particularities, influencing gameplay beyond combat. This guide explores the strengths and weaknesses of each type, special interactions between Pals and players, and strategic tips to optimize your gaming experience.

Each type in Palworld has a specific weakness, but offensively, the Fire-type is the most powerful, weakening two types on defense. Conversely, no type is weak to the Neutral element.

  • Fire: Powerful against Ice and Grass, but weak against Water. Pals like Foxparks can help cook with their fire.
  • Grass: Weak against Fire, but strong against Ground. Lifmunk and Dinossom are popular Pals of this element.
  • Ground: Weak against Grass, but powerful against Electric. There are few Pals de Sol, including Digtoise and Warsect.
  • Electric: Weak against Ground, but effective against Water. Grizzbolt can power generators.
  • Water: Advantageous against Fire, but vulnerable to Electric. Gobfin and Teafant are capable of watering plants.
  • Ice: Strong against Dragon, but weak against Fire. Pengullet and Penking are representatives of this type.
  • Dragon: Effective against Dark, but vulnerable to Ice. Jetragon is valuable for air transportation.
  • Darkness: Strong against Neutral, but weak against the Dragon. Leezpunk can keep order at the camp.
  • Neutral: No offensive advantage, but weak against Darkness. Many Pals belong to this element, making it useful to have a Dark Pal on your team.

FireWaterGrass and Ice

To better visualize things, here is a summary graph:

Element Weakness Chart in Palworld

What is the best type? 

Looking at the table, we can say that the fire type is the most powerful since it only has one weakness and finds itself strong against two other elements. Keep in mind, however, that some Pals have multiple items.

Understanding the element table in Palworld is essential for effective strategy and a rewarding gaming experience. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each type, you can build a balanced team and get the most out of your Pals, whether in combat or other in-game activities.