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Palworld error code 0x87DD002A, how to solve the problem?

 Palworld is coming to your screens! Unfortunately for some, the game doesn't seem to want to launch. We'll help you fix your bugs.

Palworld error code 0x87DD002A, how to solve the problem?

With a mix of Pokemon and Monster Hunter, Palworld could experience great success. Palworld is an open multiplayer survival game where you tame and collect mysterious creatures called “Pals”.

Namely, Palworld is arriving today on Xbox and PC! However, the game already has some problems; in fact, for some players, the game does not seem to want to launch. We'll respond to you and help you fix your bugs.

How to resolve error code 0x87DD002A for Palworld?

Several players have mentioned the display of an error code 0x87DD002A, which prevents the game from launching. This error code is probably due to a problem with the optimization of the parameters by the developers, however, we offer you a solution to remedy this...

First, check that a Windows update is not available in Windows Update, but if there is nothing, here is the solution that worked for us:

  1. Sign out of Microsoft Store and Xbox apps
  2. Then find both apps in the Start menu click on the Microsoft Store and Xbox app and choose App settings
  3. In the new window, click Finish, Repair, then Reset

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Pal app
  2. Now clean Windows Store cache by pressing Windows key + R and in Command Prompt enter “ wsreset ” and then Enter
  3. The Microsoft Store will then open automatically. Here, do not reconnect
  4. Restart your PC and the problem should be resolved

Obviously, this problem is not the only one current since players have reported problems such as the display of a black screen or even the controller buttons which are not displayed . If this is your case too, simply click on the highlighted text to be taken to our help guides to resolve them.