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Palworld Evolution: Can Pals evolve?

 Players are wondering if Pals can evolve in Palworld, a question that arouses players' curiosity. We'll answer you!

After a more than successful launch of Palworld; the players question themselves on many points. The game has many similarities with Pokémon with a capture system or the existence of Shiny; players are wondering about a possible evolution of their Pals.

Like Pokémon where a Charmander can become a Charizard, Palworld players wonder if their beasts can evolve. We'll tell you more.

Palworld Evolution: Can Pals Evolve?

Unfortunately for players, with over 100 Pals, there is no evolution system yet. The Pals therefore have only one and only form. However, you will need to gain experience with your Pals so that they can learn new skills and become stronger.

Even if the Pals don't evolve, Palworld offers something different: a reproduction system. Indeed, as you progress, you will notice that it is possible to merge Pals. This option will allow the player to obtain more powerful Pals with new skills.

Palworld Evolution: Can Pals Evolve

Links between certain Pals?

Certainly, the evolution system does not exist in Palworld but some Pals seem to have an important family bond. Indeed, we can see a real resemblance between Pengullet and Penking; the latter live in the same regions, look similar, and follow each other in the Paldex.

This is also the case for Elizabee and Beegarde, these Pals look very similar but are not the evolution of each other. With the game in early access, we could expect to have new Pals that could evolve in the coming months.

Links between certain Pals