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Palworld EXP: How to level up quickly and easily?

New players try to get strong as quickly as possible. So, they have to level up; We give you tips.

Palworld is the new game that has caused a sensation around the world since its release on January 19, 2024. Available on PC via Steam and Game Pass and on Xbox, many players have already been won over.

The latter seeks to become the strongest and to do this, they must raise their level and that of their Pals. In this article, We'll list tips for gaining experience easily and quickly.

How to gain experience quickly and easily?

There are several methods to gain experience in Palworld. Here is the list of methods that We'll offer you:

  • Capture 10 Pals of each species

Capturing a Pal is one way to gain experience quickly. Indeed, when you capture a Pal, you earn a dose of EXP. Especially since there is an EXP Bonus, in fact, when you capture 10 copies of a Pal; you will gain an experience bonus for these next captures (from the 11th).

  • Eliminate Pals or Poachers

How to gain experience quickly and easily

If you ever run out of Pal spheres, you can always eliminate the Pals you come across to gain EXP. In addition, you risk encountering poachers during your adventures; Defeating these will allow you to obtain even more EXP.

  • Defeat Alpha Pals (region bosses)
How to gain experience quickly and easily

Bosses are visible in several places on the map, they are called Alpha Pals. These will earn you a lot of EXP if you manage to defeat them. However, you must be very careful, these Bosses are overpowered and will not hesitate to trample you in the blink of an eye!

  • Build tools and harvest materials
How to gain experience quickly and easily

You may have noticed, but when you finish constructing a building or a tool, you get EXP. Likewise, when you chop wood, carve stone, or even harvest berries. So don't hesitate to build again and again even if this method is not the most efficient.

  • Change your server settings

For the lazier among you, you can always modify your server settings. To do this, go to your world settings and choose the “custom” difficulty. Then you just need to change the “ Increase EXP ” option according to your needs. You will then gain more EXP and become stronger faster.