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Palworld Fast Travel: How to teleport from one place to another?

Find out how to teleport using the Great Eagle statues on Palworld and learn more about fast travel. We tell you everything.

Palworld has a very large universe, which allows players to move freely and enjoy the landscapes and environment. As you progress, you will need to create bases in different places.

To avoid unnecessary journeys, it is necessary to know how to teleport in the game. Using statues, you will have the possibility of teleporting thanks to a mechanic: fast travel. In this article, you will learn everything about “ Fast Travel ”!

How to teleport using fast travel in Palworld?

You've probably noticed it during your expeditions, but the map is full of eagle-shaped statues. These statues are called the Great Eagle Statues, which allow players to teleport from one statue to another. However, you must activate the statue once to use it.

How to teleport using fast travel in Palworld

Once activated, you can therefore use these statues as a landmark and means of teleportation. We'll give you the location of all the statues of the Great Eagle to facilitate your progress :

How to teleport using fast travel in Palworld

What is Palworld?

Palworld is a completely new open-world survival game, focused on multiplayer, offering you the opportunity to collect mysterious creatures called "Pals ". Your goal is to make them fight, build structures, get them to work in the fields, and keep your factories running.