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Palworld Glider: how to get and use the glider?

Use gliders to move around Palworld more easily, it's possible! We'll tell you how to get it!

Palworld Glider: how to get and use the glider?

In Palworld, the game that has been the talk of the town and has set the internet ablaze since its release never ceases to surprise. Despite allegations of plagiarism, it breaks records on Steam. At the heart of the gameplay, you will find the exploration of the world of Pals. There are many ways to get around, of which gliders offer a practical solution for traveling from one point to another in complete safety.

Gliders in Palworld are crucial tools for exploring without risking a fatal fall. Available in three versions (Normal, Mega, and Giga), they require various resources to craft. Some Pals, like Killamari and Celaray, can also serve as gliders thanks to their special abilities, providing a practical alternative to traditional gliders. 

How to get Gliders in Palworld

In Palworld, gliders are essential additions for adventurous explorers. Here's how you can obtain and effectively use these valuable tools: Gliders in Palworld are unlocked as tech upgrades. There are three types of gliders: the Normal Parachute, the Mega Glider, and the Giga Glider. Each requires specific resources for its manufacture:

  • Normal Parachute (Level 5): 2 Cloth, 10 Wood
  • Mega Glider (Level 18): 20 Cloth, 10 Bone, 50 Wood
  • Giga Glider (Level 40): 10 Quality Fabrics, 20 Carbon Fibers, 100 Lumber, 20 Refined Metal Ingots

Alternatives to Gliders: Flying Pals

Some Pals in Palworld, such as Killamari or Celaray, have the ability to glide, providing an alternative to traditional gliders. These Pals require specific equipment, crafted at a Gear Pal Workbench, to utilize their flight ability. For example :

  • Gloves of Celaray (Level 7): 5 Cloths, 3 Pal Fluids, 5 Paldium Fragments
  • Gloves of Killamari (Level 9): 5 Cloths, 5 Venom Glands, 10 Paldium Fragments

Using a glider in Palworld is simple. Press the jump button while in the air to activate the glider and glide smoothly to the ground. This technique is ideal for descending mountains or exploring large areas without risk.