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Palworld: How to buy and sell Pals?

 If in your world, you want to get rid of your Pals or buy Pals that you don't have, We have the answer for you!

Recently released, Palworld is a survival game that is primarily based on capturing and collecting Pals. These will allow you to improve your base, face powerful opponents, or even complete dungeons.

As you progress, you will notice that some Pals are much more powerful than others. You will be looking to get rid of your unnecessary Pals and acquire the best Pals. In this article, you will discover how to buy or sell Pals in Palworld!

Palworld: How to buy and sell Pals?

There is indeed a system for buying and selling Pals on Palworld. The latter is done through gold coins, which is the main currency of the game. Gold coins are obtained through different methods: opening chests, completing dungeons, or even selling Pals.

In order to buy or sell your Pals, you must go to one of these three types of seller: the Pals merchant, the Black Market dealer, or the Black Market. All you have to do is talk to them to buy or sell Pals.

The most accessible sellers are Pals merchants, they sell rather common Pals at low prices. Black market sellers are very rare, they are found in hidden locations and they sell rare Pals. Here is the map of the different merchants and sellers in Pals:

Palworld: How to buy and sell Pals

How and where to find sellers in black markets?

There are four Black Market Vendors in Palworld, and one of them is accessible from the start of the game. He is found in an abandoned mineshaft beneath the Desolate Church. If you're starting from the church, you'll need to head south from the cliff before turning northwest and entering the mineshaft nestled beneath the mountain.

He will sell you very rare and powerful Pals there, you can buy them in order to complete your collection and become more powerful.

How and where to find sellers in black markets

How and where to find sellers in black markets

How and where to find Pals merchants?

Unlike sellers at black markets, Pals merchants sell more ordinary Pals at low prices. You will find them all over the map, including one from the start of your adventure, near the Small Colony. In the small village, you will find this Pals merchant in one of the houses to do business there.

How and where to find Pals merchants

How and where to find Pals merchants

Note that in the village, you can also find another merchant who sells items such as berry and wheat seeds, Paldium shards and other materials.