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Palworld MAC: how to play with an Apple PC?

 Find out how to play Palworld on Mac with CrossOver, despite the lack of official macOS support.

Palworld MAC: how to play with an Apple PC?

Palworld is the new game where players venture into a Pokemon-inspired open world full of unique creatures and survival challenges. With the dazzling success of Palworld on Steam, a question arises: how to play it on a MAC computer?

Palworld, an open-world multiplayer action-adventure game, has been a huge success, despite not being officially available on macOS. However, thanks to virtualization tools like CrossOver, Mac users can enjoy this game on their devices. In this article, we explore how to install and play Palworld on a Mac, focusing on performance and compatibility with Apple Silicon devices.

How to play Palworld on MAC?

Although Palworld does not natively support macOS, Mac users can run it through CrossOver, a virtualization tool. After testing ourselves, we confirm that CrossOver allows running Palworld without major bugs or significant issues. Apple's Game Porting Toolkit allows games like Palworld to be played on macOS without explicit support, providing an improved experience.

To play Palworld on an M1 Mac, use CrossOver 23 and the Early Access version of the game via Steam. Our tests on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro showed modest performance, averaging 25-35 FPS at very low settings and up to 40 FPS in windowed mode. Despite the gameplay, the compromised resolution and reduced refresh rate can affect the visual experience.

Palworld is playable on Macs with M1 Pro or higher, although with sometimes choppy performance. For base MacBook Air M1 users, we do not recommend playing Palworld due to latency and FPS drops. However, we remain optimistic about the performance improvements to come from CrossOver optimization and Palworld's release from Early Access.

Currently, it does not appear that Palworld is in development for a native version on Apple. The small size of the development team and the limited resources of the Japanese studio Pocket Pair make a rapid adaptation for Mac unlikely.

Although Palworld has not yet been released on Mac, the official requirements for Windows give an idea of ​​what to expect on Mac. Minimum requirements include Windows 10, DirectX 11, an i5-3570K processor, 16 GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 1050, and 40 GB of available space.

Although Palworld is not officially available on Mac, virtualization tools like CrossOver allow macOS users to join this exciting adventure. Current performance may vary between Mac models, but future improvements could expand access to this popular game among Apple fans.