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Palworld Multiplayer: Can we play with others online?

 Palworld, the new open-world survival game is coming soon! Multiplayer or single-player? We'll tell you more.

With a mix of Pokemon and Monster Hunter, Palworld could experience great success. Palworld is an open-world multiplayer survival game where you tame and collect mysterious creatures called “Pals”.

In a vast universe, you will discover new Pals, new environments, and new game mechanics. The game is eagerly awaited by the public, but will Palworld be a multiplayer game? We'll answer you.

Palworld Multiplayer: Can we play with others online?

Palworld will launch in early access on several platforms and will indeed be a multiplayer game. Players will be able to invite up to three players into their own world, with the aim of spending time together, discovering their world, and facing formidable adversaries. Additionally, players can create or join servers that have up to 32 players. Please note, you will have to be careful because Palworld is not available on all platforms.

The developers have expressed their commitment to expanding the servers and increasing the player limit as much as possible during the development of the game. Indeed, with the game being in early access, the developers plan to add PvP, new weapons, and new Pals in the future.

Palworld Multiplayer: Can we play with others online

What is Palworld?

Palworld is an open-world survival game, not an RPG like Pokémon. Indeed, if everyone compares it to Pokémon, it's because the gameplay uses the monster capture system. He looks more like a Monster Hunter than the last Scarlet and Violet for example. 

Players will have the opportunity to capture watches in different possible ways. These will help them fight other opponents, construct buildings, and explore new landscapes.