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Palworld number of players: how many trainers have played the game?

 Palworld destroys all records on Steam by surpassing Counter-Strike or Cyberpunk 2077! Find out the number of players.

Palworld has quickly established itself as a must-have on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. This title, initially less anticipated, surprised everyone overtaking giants such as Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 in number of simultaneous players.

Despite accusations of plagiarism which divided players on the internet, the game has won over players around the world. Find out here: the number of players who have played Palworld!

What is the number of players on Palworld? 

Palworld, available on Xbox Game Pass, has conquered Steam with more than 4 million copies sold in just three days. Dubbed “Pokémon with Guns,” this game has won over players with its innovative blend of monster catching and survival. Players can capture a variety of useful Pals while collecting materials to upgrade their base.

According to Steam DB, Palworld reached 1,291,967 concurrent players, surpassing Cyberpunk 2077 (1,054,388) and Elden Ring (953,426). The game also surpassed Baldur's Gate 3 and Hogwarts Legacy in a single day, establishing itself as a phenomenon on the platform.

Although Pocket Pair announced on Twitter that Palworld had the highest number of concurrent players for a paid game in Steam history, it is important to note that PUBG still holds this record with a peak of 3,257,248 players. However, Palworld's success remains remarkable, especially given its recent launch. The Twitter account has also corrected its error by pointing out that it is indeed PUBG which holds the record.

What is the number of players on Palworld

Palworld stood at 1,262,087 concurrent players, placing it as Steam's fifth record. It is very close to overtaking Dota 2 and Lost Ark. The four games preceding it are currently free.

This title not only surprised with its immediate success but also demonstrated that innovation and originality can still resonate strongly with a global audience. With mixed reviews, but undeniable popularity, Palworld stands as an important milestone in the video game industry.