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Palworld OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate: How to solve the problem?

 Are you facing the “OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate” issue on Palworld? We'll help you remedy this in order to play the game without any problem.

Palworld made a strong impression for its debut, the game was able to bring together more than a million players simultaneously. With so many players on the servers, it didn't take long before we saw players complaining about several bugs and issues.

Many of you are experiencing the “ OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate ” bug on Xbox and PC. It's annoying to encounter bugs like this, especially when a long-awaited new game is finally available. In this article, We'll offer you solutions to solve this problem.

Palworld OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate: How to solve the problem?

OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate is a very problematic bug since it does not allow the player to launch the game. This problem is very recurring among players, but there are several ways to remedy it. We'll tell you more.

  • Disable your server's multiplayer settings
This is the most effective method, it has worked for most players. Simply go to your world settings, and check “OFF” on the Multiplayer option. Then you need to close the game and restart it. Finally, you must reactivate Multiplayer mode by selecting "ON". After all this, you will have less latency and you will be able to launch the game.

  • Run the program as an administrator

This is another method of solving the problem. Running a program as an administrator on Windows can sometimes resolve issues, including those related to permissions or restricted access to system resources. To do this, close the game then right-click on the Palworld file and select Run as administrator. Finally, restart the game, the problem should no longer persist.

  • Close the error message window and restart

Close the error message window and restart

This method is mentioned by several players who have tested and validated it. You just need to be persistent by closing the message window and restarting the game repeatedly until you can launch the game. It is very possible that it will not work at first, so you have to try several times.

  • Play the game during off-peak hours

This method is the last resort if you were unable to resolve the issue with the solutions provided above. Since this problem is caused by a high presence of players on the game's servers, you only need to play during slower times. Indeed, playing outside of peak hours will reduce the risk of encountering the OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate issue.