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Palworld Pal Fluid: Where to find it easily and what is it used for?

 For the construction of certain buildings and objects, you will need new materials like Pal's fluid. We tell you where to find them!

As you progress, you will have to build more and more technologies, buildings, and objects to help you survive. For some technologies and tools, you are going to need new materials.

For example, in order to improve the level of the camp, your Box of Pals will ask you to make a hot water spring. To build it, you will be asked for Fluids of Pals. An important material required for the construction of certain technologies. In this article, We'll tell you everything about this material.

Palworld Pal Fluid: Where to find it easily and what is it used for?

As the name suggests, obtaining Pal Fluid is done by capturing or eliminating Pal. However, you should know that this material is not found on all Pals. Indeed, only Water-type Pals are capable of producing Pal fluid.

In order to obtain this material, you must then concentrate on the aquatic Pals which are located mainly towards the coastlines, near the beaches or even next to the waterways. At the start of the adventure, you will mainly find these aquatic Pals: Pengullet, Fuak, Celaray, and Teafant. Generally, you will find them in these areas:

Palworld Pal Fluid: Where to find it easily and what is it used for

What is Pal Fluid used for?

Pal's fluid is essential to your survival progression. This material is required for the construction of the hot spring, mandatory for improving your Box of Pals. However, it also allows the construction of other technologies and tools:

  • Making the Hot Water Spring: allows the Pals to rest and restore their MEN points (their workload),
  • Make gloves for Celeray to use as a Glider
  • Make the saddle for Surfent to navigate on the water
This is just a small list of technologies requiring Pal fluid, there are several more. You will discover its importance as you progress, so don't hesitate to collect it whenever you have the opportunity.