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Palworld Pals Alpha location: Where to find them to capture them all?

 Looking for a Pal Alpha in Palworld to capture and add to your team? We'll give you all the information on these Pals!

Palworld is a brand new game available since the beginning of 2024 and it is already causing a sensation. Despite several controversies regarding potential Pokémon plagiarism and the use of generative AI, Palworld has already been at the top of sales and concurrent players on Steam since its release on January 19, 2024.

In Palworld, you will be able to capture Pals to complete your Paldex but also to form a team and make your Pals work in your village. There are more than a hundred Pals and among them, you find the Alpha Pals. We'll tell you all about these Pals, where to find them, and how to capture them.

Where to find Alpha Pals on Palworld? Location and guide

Alpha Pals are Pals that you will find in nature during your explorations. These are located in the four corners of the map. Before you go looking for them, equip yourself with your best Pals and your best Pals Spheres to maximize your chances of capture. Here is the location of all the Alpha Pals:

Where to find Alpha Pals on Palworld? Location and guide

We'll give you the details regarding the location of the 43 Alpha Pals available:

  • Mammorest (Lvl 38) next to the Grassy Hills of Behemoth
  • Chillet (Level 11) east of the Rayne Syndicate Tower
  • Penking (Lv. 15) near the Sealed Realm of Frozen Wings
  • Kinpaca (Level 15) south of the Desolate Church
  • Azurobe (Lvl 17) in the lake north of the Ravine Entrance
  • Elphidran (Level 30) southwest of the Hill of the Hypocrites
  • Pettalia (Level 28) in the Ancient Ritual Site
  • Katress (Level 23) south of the Locust Coast
  • Warsect (Level 30) next to Gobfin's Turf
  • Grintal (Level 17) south of the Natural Bridge
  • Elizabee (Level 31) south of the Summit of Mont Flopie
  • Vaelet (Lv°38) in the Sealed Kingdom of Guardians
  • Mossanda Lux (Lv. 31) in Eastern Wild Isle
  • Jormuntide (Level 45)  under Verdant Brook or south of Investigator's Fork
  • Wumpo Botan (Lvl 38) north of Eastern Wild Island
  • Verdash (Lvl 35) in the Sealed Kingdom of the Swift
  • Sibelyx (Level 40) near the Free Pals Alliance Tower
  • Menasting (Lv°44) south of the desert biome
  • Suzaku (Lv. 45)  south of the Dune Shelter
  • Dinossom Lux (Level 47) northeast of the Deep Dunes
  • Paladius and Necromus (Lv°50) north of the Deep Dunes
  • Lyleen Noct (Level 49) northwest of Impassable Lake
  • Ice Kingpaca (Lv°46) in the Land of Absolute Zero
  • Frostallion (Lv°50) in the frozen lake in the Land of Absolute Zero
  • Univolt (Lvl 31) west of the Church of the Sea Breeze Archipelago
  • Gumoss (Level 11) north of Archipelago Beach
  • Lunaris (Level 32)  in the Archipelago Dungeons
  • Broncherry (Level 23) west of the archipelago dungeons
  • Sweepa (Level 11) south of the Small Cove
  • Bushi (Lv. 23) in the Swordmaster's Sealed Realm
  • Broncherry Aqua (Level 30) east of Ascetic Falls
  • Fenglope (Level 25) west of Ascetic Falls
  • Relaxaurus Lux (Lvl 31) in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon
  • Beakon (Lv. 29) south of the Deep Bamboo Forest
  • Quivern (Level 23) in the Kingdom of the Winged Tyrant
  • Anubis (Level 47) in the desert of the Central Island
  • Nitewing (Lvl 18) south of Icy Wind Island
  • Dumud (Lvl 14) in the center of Icy Wind Island
  • Felbat (Level 23) in the Ruins of the Forgotten Island Church
  • Blazamut (Lv°49) south of Mount Obsidian
  • Astegon (Level 48) west of Mount Obsidian
  • Jetragon (Lv°50) northwest of Mount Obsidian