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Palworld piece of an ancient civilization: where to find it?

 Looking for how to get Ancient Civilization Coins on Palworld? We give you all our tips in this guide!

Palworld piece of an ancient civilization: where to find it?

In Palworld, many objects will be useful to progress in your adventure and to obtain the best Pals. With this in mind, pieces from ancient civilizations will allow you to unlock powerful technologies and equipment. They will also be essential for the reproduction of your Pals.

But as you can imagine, important resources mean hard-to-find resources. Don't worry, we'll give you all the tips in this guide for finding Ancient Civilization Coins.

Where to find Coins of an Ancient Civilization in Palworld?

Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld are crucial for crafting advanced equipment. They are obtained by defeating dungeon bosses, Alpha Pals, and the rare Lucky Pals. The best ways to collect them include repeating battles against Alpha Pals in the open world and taking advantage of lower types and levels.

In Palworld, unearthing the Coins of an Ancient Civilization is both a rewarding and challenging task. These rare components are essential for crafting special equipment, such as the Incubator and Hookshot, which enrich your gaming experience.

To collect these coins, focus on dungeon bosses and Alpha Pals in the open world. Although dungeon bosses offer a chance to obtain these coins, they do not always guarantee their drop. On the other hand, fighting Alpha Pals outdoors seems to be a more reliable method.

Enjoy the Alpha Pals respawn cycle. Once you defeat one Alpha, move on to the next one. This system allows you to maximize coin harvest by continuing to fight different Alphas around the world.