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Palworld Stats: which one to increase first?

 Wondering which stat to improve first in Palworld? We give you our advice for getting started in the game!

Palworld is the new game that is breaking records on Steam! Despite a plagiarism controversy regarding Pokémon, the figures are there and clearly show the enthusiasm behind this title which will mark the year 2024.

In Palworld, you will find gameplay elements close to Pokémon, but also survival game mechanics. So, you have to improve your character as you level up. More specifically, you will need to allocate skill points between different stats. We explain which ones you should prioritize.

Which stat to improve first in Palworld?

Each time you level up in Palworld, you receive a valuable stat point. If you are wondering what the different statistics do for you, here is the list:

HP (Health)

  • Definition: The vitality of the player. If it reaches zero, the player collapses from fatigue.
  • Contribution: Increasing this stat makes the player more resistant to damage and various environmental threats.

Stamina (Endurance):

  • Definition: Decreases when running or climbing. Once at zero, the player can no longer run.
  • Benefit: Greater endurance allows you to perform physical actions for longer without tiring, essential for exploration and survival.


  • Definition: Influences the damage inflicted by the player.
  • Benefit: Increasing this stat increases damage dealt to enemies, useful for combat and hunting.


  • Definition: Reduces damage suffered by the player.
  • Benefit: Increased defense reduces damage received during combat and in the face of dangers, thus increasing survival.

Work Speed:

  • Definition: Affects efficiency during various basic tasks.
  • Contribution: Increasing this stat improves the speed at which the player completes tasks like building, crafting, or farming.


  • Definition: Maximum transport capacity. Movement becomes slow when this limit is exceeded.
  • Contribution: Higher carry capacity allows you to carry more items without being slowed down, essential for resource gathering and exploration.
Palworld Stats: which one to increase first?

Here are the best stats to focus on:

  1. Health (HP): Essential to your survival, high health allows you to resist more damage, whether in combat or facing environmental dangers. Increase it to reduce the risk of fatal exhaustion.
  2. Endurance (Stamina): Crucial for energy-intensive activities like running or climbing. Increased endurance allows you to perform these actions for longer without tiring.
  3. Weight: This statistic is vital to your explorations. The higher it is, the more items you can carry without slowing down your movement speed. Carry more weapons and supplies for extended expeditions.
To increase your stats, open your inventory (Tab key) and click on the plus signs (+) next to the stat you want to improve. Do this with each point acquired to immediately benefit from these benefits.