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Palworld touches 1 2 3 4: how to fix the bug?

 Your 1 2 3 4 keyboard keys are not working on Palworld? We explain how to fix this shortcut bug.

Palworld touches 1 2 3 4: how to fix the bug?

Palworld is the brand new game that will mark the start of 2024even though it is in early access and is subject to drama. As the game is in early access, some bugs still persist notably problems with keyboard shortcuts.

Many players find themselves confused by the default 1 2 3 4 keys, which do not always correspond to the numbers on the keyboard, and the inability to remap certain essential functions. Let's address these concerns together and discover tips to get around these configuration bugs.

How to fix the 1 2 3 4 keys bug on Palworld?

Palworld, with its immersive environments and captivating Pals, offers an adventure like no other. However, navigating this world can be frustrating due to key configuration issues. Players are reporting difficulties with binds 1 2 3 4, keys that do not correspond to those on the keyboard, and the inability to reconfigure certain essential commands.

Commonly cited issues include inconsistent keystrokes for repair and instructions, and inability to use mouse buttons. Some players have difficulty changing Pals or spheres due to these unintuitive binds.

One proposed solution is to add a QWERTY keyboard in Windows Settings and use Alt + Shift to switch between the two configurations. This tip can help work around key mapping issues.

To change Pal, it is possible to use your mouse wheel while holding down the E key. This method could also work for spheres, although this is not explicitly confirmed.

Key remapping in Palworld is restricted, with several keys unable to be reconfigured. To change configurations, access the control options via the Escape key or the Controller Select button.

Players using a PC controller may experience button display issues. Some see keyboard and mouse prompts, while others see no prompts. This is a critical error that developers need to resolve.

Although Palworld is in Early Access and bugs are expected, it is essential that the developers address these issues to improve the gaming experience. If these issues prevent you from fully enjoying the game, it is advisable to wait for updates up to date or opt for a keyboard and mouse.