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Palworld Weight: how to increase your character's maximum capacity and inventory?

 How to increase and optimize your maximum weight in Palworld? We explain everything to you in this detailed guide!

Palworld is a brand new game that surprised more than one when it was released since it placed at the top of sales and the number of simultaneous players on Steam. This performance is all the more important given the drama surrounding Pokémon plagiarism that Palworld is facing.

In Palworld, resource farming and construction are essential and it is for this reason that managing your storage capacity and the maximum weight of your character is crucial. You've probably already reached the limit of what you can carry, especially when it comes to resources like wood and stone at the start of your adventure.

How to increase the maximum weight in Palworld?

In Palworld, each player starts with a base weight, indicated as "Weight" on the character page and on the user interface. If you exceed this limit, your character will slow down, and if you exceed this limit, you will start to move slowly, until you can no longer move at all. To improve this statistic, here is what you can do:

  • Each time you level up, you receive stat points.
  • By investing in the Weight stat, you increase your capacity by 50 per point.
  • The limit is player level 50, but there appears to be no restriction on the number of times you can choose Weight when leveling up stats.
  • Having Cattiva on your team adds 50 points to your carry capacity.
How to increase the maximum weight in Palworld

Tips for managing your weight in Palworld

If you can't increase your ability to carry items in Palworld, here are some tips to declutter your character: 

  • Split and drop objects: Use the Shift-Click feature to split an object and drop part of it.
  • Creating Storage Chests: Build storage chests in your base to store items in.
  • Sell ​​Unnecessary Items: An effective method to free up space and earn gold.
  • Regular consumption of food: Manage your food to prevent it from expiring and free up space.