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Pokémon Palworld mod: Pikachu, Ash and his companions already in the game

 Had you thought about it? Well, it happened! Palworld already has a Pokémon mod that allows you to play as Ash and make Pikachu work!

Pokémon Palworld mod: Pikachu, Ash and his companions already in the game

Palworld is a brand-new game that has been making waves since its release on Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Despite drama over the potential plagiarism of Pokémonandthe the use of generative AI, the game ranks at the top of sales and simultaneous players on the Steam platform.

News has just fallen: a Pokémon mod, with your playable character becoming Ash and the Pals transforming into Pokémon, has already been created. Capturing the attention and curiosity of fans, this mod has already generated significant interest on social media, particularly thanks to a teaser video posted by Twitter user @ToastedShoes. 

A Pokémon mod already created for Palworld!

Palworld has just received a surprising, but predictable, addition: a mod that immerses the game in the Pokémon universe. This mod, revealed by @ToastedShoes on Twitter, replaces the player character with Ash and transforms Pals into well-known Pokémon like Pikachu. Even iconic characters from the Pokémon universe, like Pierre, Ondine, and Team Rocket, make an appearance.

This mod represents a creative fusion between two worlds: the survival and construction of Palworld and the fantastical and nostalgic world of Pokémon. The 24-second video shows a completely transformed Palworld, where even the first boss fights are revisited with Pokémon sauce. Despite initial criticism leveled at Palworld for its resemblance to the Pokémon games, this mod appears to have generated considerable enthusiasm among fans.

Nintendo's reaction to this mod is not yet known, but the attention it has attracted is undeniable. Players interested in this mod can find more information on the Toasted Shoes YouTube channel.

Beyond the mod, Palworld itself has been wildly successful, surpassing 5 million sales and reaching peak concurrent players on Steam. This achievement is all the more impressive as the game is still in early access.

Despite accusations of plagiarism and comparisons to Pokémon, the CEO of PocketPair, the studio behind Palworld, maintains that their game is serious and does not seek to infringe on the intellectual property of other companies. He also points out that, unlike Pokémon, Palworld shares more similarities with survival games like Ark.