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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Soma Tree Statue Puzzle - SOLUTION

 If you're stuck on the three statues puzzle in the Soma Tree area in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, here's the correct solution to the puzzle.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has many secrets throughout its world and the occasional puzzle that will make us rack our brains for a while. As you explore the Soma Tree area, you'll likely end up finding a puzzle involving three statues that can be a bit frustrating if you don't find the solution. To help you solve it easily, below in this entry of our guide we tell you step by step how you should place the statues and in what direction they should face exactly.

Solution to the statues puzzle

The key to solving this intricate puzzle is in the text on the mural to the left of the statues, in which you can read some very useful clues for the puzzle. If you read carefully, you will see that you must place the "watching" statues facing specific directions.

But what this text does not make clear is that statues are missing from their respective pedestals. Actually, in the puzzle area, there are two more statues, apart from the two that are already on their pedestals by default. First of all you have to go find those other statues to bring them to the area.

At the top of the puzzle area, you will find a large statue. You can pick it up with the power of the Dimensional Claw and carry it towards the pedestals. On the other hand, on a lower level of the area you will find (fairly hidden) a medium-sized statue. Before going for it, place a Sargon's Shadow in the pedestal area. Then, pick up the medium statue with the Claw and return to the shadow's position (otherwise you won't be able to take it here because there are barriers that prevent it).

How to order the statues?

Now that you have all the statues you need gathered in front of the puzzle pedestals, it's time to place them as the mural text explains. So that there is no doubt, below we leave you an image with the solution to the puzzle:

How to order the statues

You just have to imitate what you see in our image. That is, the statues must be placed on the pedestals in this way :

  • The large statue: it has to be placed on the pedestal on the left, facing right.
  • The medium statue: it must be placed on the center pedestal, facing right.
  • The smallest statue: it has to be placed on the right pedestal, facing left.

As you can see, in this "equation" one of the two small statues that were on the pedestals at the beginning of the puzzle is left out. You don't need that one and therefore you can do without it. The ones you need are the ones you see in the image as is. After placing the statues in this way, Treasure #95 will appear in the area , a secret collectible chest as a reward for solving the puzzle.