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Provisioner Aristta WoW: where to find her in Dragonflight?

Find out how to find Provisioner Aristta and use Mysterious Fragments in WoW Dragonflight for unique rewards!

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight patch 10.2.5, Provisioner Aristta proves to be a key figure for treasure hunters. Located in Thaldraszus, it offers a variety of items in exchange for Mysterious Fragments.

Where to find Provisioner Aristta in WoW?

Provisioner Aristta can be found in the Azerothian Archives tower in Thaldraszus, at coordinates 61.38, 31.40. This blue and white robed elf is surrounded by scrolls and books, making her easy to spot. You will find her in the room with other NPCs from the Azerothian Archives.

Where to find Provisioner Aristta in WoW

Mysterious Fragments are earned by completing quests in the Azerothian Archives. These quests also offer archival knowledge. These fragments are the key to purchasing rewards from Provisioner Aristta, including the new mount, the Explorer's Stonehide Packbeast.

Where to find Provisioner Aristta in WoW

To begin your adventure, head to Betrayer's Rest in northern Thaldraszus. The quest "The Great Dig: Betrayer's Rest" is the starting point to join the Azerothian Archives faction and start collecting Mysterious Fragments. Be careful not to climb too high and miss Aristta at the base of the tower.

Where to find Provisioner Aristta in WoW

Provisioner Aristta offers a variety of transmogs, dig items, and mounts. Although its items are similar to those you may have obtained throughout Dragonflight, they are still a nice addition for collectors.

Where to find Provisioner Aristta in WoW

For fans of archeology in WoW, collecting Mysterious Fragments adds additional content, especially to add to your transmo collection!