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Quartz Pure Palworld: where to find it, farm it and what is it for?

 Looking for how to get pure quartz in Palworld? Don't panic, We are here to give you all the information in this article!

Palworld is a new game that has caused a sensation around the world since its release on January 19, 2024. Available on PC via Steam and Game Pass and on Xbox, many players have already been won over. Despite several dramas concerning the potential plagiarism of Pokémonand the use of generative AI, the game ranks at the top of sales and simultaneous players on Steam.

In Palworld, pure quartz is a valuable and essential resource. To obtain this resource, you can count on your luck by wandering around the game map. You can also consult this guide to know all the possible ways to obtain pure quartz on Palworld and farm it efficiently.

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld?

As you progress, you will notice that a certain ore will quickly become essential: quartz. The latter is very rare since it is only found in a specific area of ​​the map: the Pristine Snowfield Mountains. It only appears in areas where the cold is harsh.

This is a very dangerous area with very ferocious Pals, so we advise you to be accompanied by powerful Pals and to be at least Lv 25 to be able to survive in these distant lands. Additionally, the main danger of these mountains is the cold. Being equipped with cold-resistant clothing and accompanied by Pals providing warmth will be essential to venture out and not die of cold.

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld

To farm pure quartz, you will need a mining pickaxe and Pals who will transport this quartz in chests and make your task easier. A metal pickaxe is recommended, as it is more durable and therefore more effective.

What is pure quartz used for?

Pure quartz is primarily used for making circuits in Palworld. Circuits are important for building structures that run on electricity; So you're going to need a lot of pure quartz if you intend to start a large factory.