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Resource guide in Enshrouded - how to find and get all the resources in the game


Resource guide in Enshrouded - how to find and get all the resources in the game

Enshrouded is a new survival game with construction and crafting, painfully reminiscent of Valheim. Despite this, it has its own unique mechanics and features that can diversify the gameplay. In this guide, we will tell you where to find, how to get, and craft all the resources in Enshrouded.

Note: We will update this guide with the release of Enshrouded.

Where to find Water

At the very beginning of the journey, you will find yourself in the ruins of the city of Longkeep. In the center of the street, there is a well from which you can draw unlimited quantities of water. One stack holds 10 units of water.

When exploring dungeons and the open world, bottles of water can also be found by breaking large vases and jugs.

Where to find Logs

Logs are obtained by cutting down trees. Moreover, you can cut down trees either with your bare hands or with conventional weapons, for example, clubs or swords. But the most effective way to cut is with a lumberjack's axe. The tool can be crafted manually from the very beginning of the game, and an improved version will become available from the Blacksmith.

How to find Resin

Resin is a side resource that you get when mining logs. It is enough to cut down a few trees to get it.

Where to find Stones

At first, stones are mined in the open world by simply picking them up from the ground. In the future, we recommend creating a stone pickaxe in the manual creation menu. With its help, you can extract stones both from rocks and by interacting with the earth.

How to get Shroud Wood

Veil Wood is obtained from ordinary trees that grow in thick fog (areas covered with Veil). Any weapon is suitable for mining, but it is best to use a lumberjack's axe.

How to find Veil Spores

This resource can be found after destroying enemies in an area that is subject to the Shroud. These are mostly small monsters with clubs and stone shields.

How to make a Rope

First, find plant fiber, after which you can go to the manual creation menu and select the appropriate item.

How to get Plant Fiber

The resource is mainly obtained by inspecting small bushes and while cutting down trees. But often plant fiber can be found in caches and chests.

Where to find Rods

Like plant fiber, large quantities of twigs are farmed by collecting small bushes. When cutting down trees, there is also a chance of this resource falling out.

How to get Soil

Use the crafting menu at the Blacksmith and craft a stone pickaxe. After that, you can use it on rocks and ground. When mining land, there is a chance to get soil.

How to make Charcoal

Can only be obtained in a charcoal kiln. To do this, you need to place a certain amount of logs and soil in the furnace to get 15 units of charcoal:

  • Logs (17);
  • Soil (3).
It will also take time to produce the resource (5 minutes).

How to get Tar

Players have the right to find tar both in the open world (mainly in areas with the Veil) and create it themselves in a charcoal kiln. To craft 20 units you will need the following resources:

  • Logs (30);
  • Soil (6).

How to get Wood Acid

Unlike tar, wood acid is created only in a charcoal kiln. The recipe will open when you obtain the necessary resources:

  • Logs (15);
  • Soil (3).

Where to find Torn Cloth

A common resource that appears randomly in the open world and drops from enemies. Torn Cloth will also appear in your inventory if you dismantle any item of clothing or armor.

Where to find Scrap Metal

Another resource that can only be found in the open world. Explore ruins and caches scattered throughout the open world. Scrap metal often drops from defeated enemies.

How to make nails

To do this, you will have to contact the Blacksmith in your camp. To craft nails you will need scrap metal.

How to make metal sheets

Build a forge in the hideout and mine the following resources to get 1 sheet of metal:

  • Charcoal (2);
  • Scrap metal (2).

Where to get Animal Fur and Bones

Often, animal fur and bones can be found in the open world and from defeated opponents. But the easiest way to get these resources is to hunt. Any animal will do, from hares to wolves.

Where to find Honey and Wax

While traveling through the open world you may come across beehives. Sometimes the bees themselves serve as a clue to the location of the hives - they gather in a large swarm and can cause serious damage to the character. Just destroy the hive and collect resources.

How to find Mycelium

Mycelium is obtained from special mushrooms in Veil. They are easy to find - just follow the characteristic glow. Use any weapon to get rid of the mushroom, after which you can pick up a resource.

Where to find Veil Core

Unlike other resources, the Veil Core drops only after killing mini-bosses that live in “wells”. For example, we found the first core while completing the task “Cleanse the Well of Elixir”.

In each such well you will meet a strong opponent. Once you defeat the enemy, you can search his remains. In addition to other loot, you will also find the Shroud Core here.