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Set 3.5 TFT: All the information on the first Teamfight Tactics revival set

TFT Set 3.5 makes its comeback as a temporary game mode. Find in this article all the information on the new champions, traits, or new items.

 TFT Set 3.5 is coming back to your screens soon! The return of a set from yesteryear is Riot Games' desire to provide a real moment of nostalgia for former players thanks to the return of the set or  "Set Revival". If the whole of  Galaxies: Return to the Stars delights many players, it will only be implemented as a temporary game mode,  for a duration of approximately one month.

If the release date for the return of Set 3.5  is scheduled for  January 24, 2024, as part of the implementation of patch 14.2, we present to you in this article an overview of this Set Revival as well as the things that change with the numerous months that have passed.

Who are the new TFT Set 3.5 champions? All the information on the Revival Set

Set Revival 3.5 will include 57 very varied champions. We notice that it is the same champions of the era who will make their return during this Set Revival, without much difference. However, we note that the champions from the start of Set 3 like Miss Fortune or Kai'Sa for example, will not return. These are therefore all the champions from the initial set 3.5 who will return with some balancing despite everything.

Who are the new TFT Set 3.5 champions

What are the new classes and origins in TFT Set 3.5?

As said in the previous part, there will also be no big changes regarding the classes and origins of the original Set 3.5. Obviously, origins like Void and Valkyrie will not be present since their champions were replaced during the transition between Set 3 and Set 3.5.

Furthermore, this Set 3.5 welcomed new traits like Astro, Prototype, and Paragon which you will be able to find when the temporary game mode of TFT is released.

Added Set 3.5 Galaxies to TFT Portals

Since Set 9, each player has been given a choice between three different portals offered randomly at the start of the game. The computer will then draw lots from the selected portals. These portals have different effects and will sometimes make your game of TFT unique. This feature is obviously not reminiscent of the Galaxies of Set 3, the Galaxies being the ancestors of portals and were the main novelty of the Set.

With the return of Set 3.5 as a temporary mode, some Galaxies are returning and will be mixed with the portals that TFT currently has. A mix that will make your games memorable, without a doubt!

What other changes will TFT Set 3.5 have?

In the official press release on the official Teamfight Tactics website, Riot Games has already revealed the changes implied by the return of a set from yesteryear:

  • The champion pool is expanded for ALL units (you will be able to force your best Mech, even if contested by other players)
  • The temporary game mode of set 3.5 will be played with the current items
  • There will also be the appearance of augmentations (optimizations) numbering 3 for this Set 3.5
  • There will be a total balance of champions, especially concerning legendary champions, costing 5 gold

Don't hesitate to keep an eye on the Teamfight Tactics portal with a brand new tier list, but also updated composition guides, or even the various information you need to know about champions or classes/origins.