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Skull and Bones Crossplay, is the functionality present with cross platform and cross progression?

Will Crossplay, Cross Progression, and Cross-Platform features be present on Skull and Bones at Open Beta and release?

Today, the ability to play and progress unhindered between different platforms has become a fundamental expectation for the gaming community. Skull and Bones, the latest from Ubisoft studios, promises to meet this expectation.

Set in the late 1600s, this action-adventure game immerses players in the ruthless world of piracy. It is already planned for several platforms with a PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S release. But which of the crossplay and cross-progression features? Will they be present in the Open Beta and when the game is released next February?

Crossplay, Cross-platform, and Cross progression features for Skull and Bones?

The highly anticipated release of Skull and Bones marks a watershed moment for fans of cross-platform video games. With stunning visuals designed for next-gen consoles and availability on Microsoft Windows and Amazon Luna, a major question arises: how does Ubisoft make it easy to move between platforms and team play with friends on different platforms?

The answer lies in Ubisoft's commitment to integrating crossplay and cross-progression from the launch of Skull and Bones. This means that whether you're playing on PC, PS5, or Xbox Series Neven Drabinski, producer at Ubisoft Singapore, emphasizes that the game is designed to be as enjoyable as possible when shared with friends, making cross-platform play a top priority for the development team.

The answer is therefore yes, the Crossplay, Cross Platform, and Cross Progression features will be present from the release of the game and during the Open Beta session!

Regarding limitations and requirements, Drabinski assures that the servers can accommodate "up to 20 players" and that you can invite friends to your fleet "in groups of up to three" people. These details, essential for planning your adventures on the high seas, will likely be clarified closer to launch.

For those who enjoy playing on multiple platforms or plan to upgrade their hardware in the near future, Skull and Bones also supports cross-progression across all platforms at launch. This means that your progress in the game will be saved and accessible no matter which platform you choose to play on.

Crossplay, Cross-platform, and Cross progression features for Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is set to redefine expectations for cross-platform gaming, with its commitment to crossplay and cross-progression. This inclusive approach promises to bring players from all walks of life together, allowing everyone to sail the vast open seas together, regardless of their choice of platform. Ubisoft, once again, proves its dedication to building unique and unified gaming experiences for its global community.