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Smolder LoL Spells, Build and all the info

 Smolder shook up the LoL community! Announced recently, this little dragon made everyone fall in love, We'll tell you everything you need to know.

 League of Legends is preparing to welcome a new champion who promises to shake up the Rift. While Hwei, the Visionary, was just released a few weeks ago, fans are surprised by the release of this new ADC.

This time, it's a very cute little dragon, who wants to become the strongest of all dragons. In short, discover here the release date, spells, and skills of the new LoL champion: Smolder.

Spells and skills of Smolder, the new LoL champion! Release date of the new Dragon adc

Smolder, the new LoL champion, a long-awaited Dragon ADC, would make his first steps on the PBE (the LoL test servers) on January 9, 2024, according to rumors. This will be the perfect opportunity for players to test spells, new items, and counters. After a period of testing and community feedback, Smolder the Dragon will join the LoL live server on January 24, 2024.  Here is the full list of spells in this video from SkinSpotlights:

Details about the champion, such as its release date, should be taken with a grain of salt until official announcements are made by the game developer. Riot Games likes to surprise its community with reveals, so it's worth staying tuned. Watch for official announcements to obtain the most reliable and accurate information on Smolder.