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Starter Palworld: which pal to choose at the start?

 Start your adventure in Palworld: find out how to choose from the three unique Starters Pals, Foxparks, Lamball, and Chikipi!

In Palworld, choosing your Starter Pal is a crucial decision. With only three options available, each Pal offers unique skills suited to different playstyles. This article helps you choose the ideal Starter Pal for your adventure.

Palworld offers three Starter Pals: Foxparks, Lamball, and Chikipi, each with unique abilities. This guide details their skills and how they can influence your gaming experience in the world of Palworld.

Palworld’s three Starters Pals

Each Starter Pal in Palworld features special skills:

  • Foxparks (#001 in the Paldeck):
    • Type: Fire.
    • Skills: Agile, spits fireballs, and can be used as a flamethrower.
    • Utility: Lighting campfires and cooking, are essential for survival in Palworld.
Palworld’s three Starters Pals

  • Lamball (#007 in the Paldeck):
    • Type: Neutral.
    • Skills: Rolling attack, can serve as a mobile shield.
    • Utility: Useful in construction, despite its vulnerability in combat.
Palworld’s three Starters Pals

  • Chikipi (#031 in the Paldeck):
    • Type: Neutral.
    • Skills: Air attacks.
    • Utility: Although his combat skills are limited, he is an abundant source of food.
Palworld’s three Starters Pals

Your choice of Starter should match your playstyle. If you prefer offensive gameplay, Foxparks is ideal. For those looking for versatility and defense, Lamball is a wise choice. Chikipi is suitable for players looking for an easy survival option.

Although you can only choose one Starter Pal, it's important to note that you can capture the others later in the game. So don't worry too much about your initial choice; you will have the opportunity to expand your team with other Pals.

Choosing your Starter Pal in Palworld is an important first step in your adventure. Whether you opt for the firepower of Foxparks, the versatility of Lamball, or the simplicity of Chikipi, each Pal has something unique to offer.