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TFT: Portals of Set 3.5, what are the different galaxies of Set Revival 3.5 of Teamfight Tactics

 Teamfight Tactics Set 3.5 will make its big return in patch 14.2. What galaxies (portals) will be available in this game mode?

 TFT Set 3.5 is coming back to your screens soon! The return of a set from yesteryear is Riot Games' desire to provide a real moment of nostalgia for former players thanks to the return of the set or  "Set Revival". If the whole of  Galaxies: Return to the Stars delights many players, it will only be implemented as a temporary game mode,  for a duration of approximately one month.

If the release date for the return of Set 3.5  is scheduled for  January 24, 2024, as part of the implementation of patch 14.02, what about the different portals that will be present in the game? We tell you everything in this article!

The Portals (Galaxies) of TFT Set 3.5

Portals add new rules to your game, allowing each player to choose between three random portals each game. A draw is then made and a portal is chosen. This mechanic appeared in set 3 with the Galaxies and then became a feature in its own right in every TFT set since 9.

The Portals (Galaxies) of TFT Set 3.5
An example of three portals during its appearance in set 9

Consequently, the arrival of the temporary mode of Set Revival 3.5 will allow players to find certain galaxies that appeared in set 3, mixed with the current portals on Teamfight Tactics.

The different portals (galaxies) added

Among the portals already existing in the current patch 14.1 on TFT, nine new portals have been added for Set Revival 3.5:

Treasure chest

Cytes, Ruins, Infiltrators and Arcorbins (PvE clashes) for more loot.

Pirate planet

All champions have a chance to drop 1 gold, especially the first to die.

The Big Bang

Players receive a free reroll each round, a Tactician's Crown at the start of phase 3, and monsters drop more loot. It is impossible to keep free reminders.

The Neekovers

At the start of the game, everyone receives two champion duplicators.

Commercial sector

Everyone gets one free reroll per round. It is impossible to keep free reminders.

Manatee Delight

At the start of the game, everyone receives a free Spatula.

Super dense galaxy

You receive a free Tactician's Crown at the start of phase 3.

Galactic Armory

Everyone starts the game with 3 components.

Star clusters

During carousels, 1, 2, and 3 PO units have two stars.

All these new portals will add extra pep to an already well-stocked pile of portals. As a reminder, you will be able to return to the Galaxies with Set Revival 3.5 from Wednesday, January 24, 2024!