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The best mods for Farming Simulator 22 - new maps, endless money and improved graphics

Although not even a month has passed since the release of Farming Simulator 22, the game has already acquired an impressive number of mods. Among the user additions, there were also those that will allow you to find yourself the appropriate equipment, authentic radio, and location. Our material contains the most interesting mods for those for whom the current numerous gaming options are not enough.

The best mods for Farming Simulator 22 - new maps, endless money and improved graphics

How to install mods in Farming Simulator 22 on Windows and Mac OS X

After downloading the modification files, you need to install them correctly. To do this, use the instructions below and follow each step step by step:

  1. Open the folder with the downloaded zip file and copy it. Typically, all downloaded files are placed in the Downloads folder.
  2. Go to the path “C:/Users//DocumentsMy Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods”.
  3. Paste the copied archive.
  4. Launch the game and go to the “Career” section.
  5. Select the desired save cell and activate the markers next to the modification.
  6. Click the "Start" button to load the game world. If equipment has been added, then open a store and buy it in the appropriate section.

Some modifications have the extension “exe”. In this case, just open them by double-clicking the left mouse button and install. All modification files are independently extracted into the required folders.

In rare cases, the downloaded archive may have a rar extension. It is used only to compress data and reduce the weight of the document, so a file with a zip or exe extension will be located inside it. Unzip it to any location and use the instructions above to install the modification correctly.

When using Mac OS X, do not extract the zip archive, but transfer it to the mods folder. To do this you need to follow the path:

"Go/Libraries/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2022/".

Sometimes the Libraries folder may be hidden. In this case, you will need to click the “Go” button and click on the “Go to folder” item. In the window that opens, enter “~/Library” without quotes and click the “Go” button. The Libraries folder will open. Now you can drag it to the left menu to pin it.

It is worth considering that some modifications, can be installed in a different folder, so carefully read our instructions on the improvement page.

Reshade - improving game visuals

Modification aimed at improving graphics. The game will receive a stable frame rate, and improved image color tone and detail.

Farming on the Emerald Coast - a new map that resembles Florida

The mod will recreate the Panhandle region located in Florida, USA. In this region, local farmers are actively involved in agriculture. It’s interesting that the first version of the modification was released for Farming Simulator 2013, after which the author remade it for each subsequent game.

FarmerB0B's 16X Playable Empty Flat Startmap - open map for experiments

A large, but almost empty map, on which there is only the most necessary. It is assumed that players will decide for themselves what to build on it and how to use the fields.

PilgrimsRest - a map in the spirit of South Africa

The modder has recreated the Lowveld region located in South Africa. The inspiration came from a place known as Pilgrim's Pass. The modification will certainly appeal to fans of exotic locations.

Frickley Doncaster UK - cozy England

And this mod will appeal to those who love good old England. The map recreates the nature of the Doncaster area in the central part of the island.

Mars FS22 - colonization of Mars

If you are already tired of the standard locations of Farming Simulator 2022, you can try to change the situation and go to Mars. The distinctive atmosphere will surely appeal to fans of the film The Martian, in which Matt Damon grew potatoes on the surface of the red planet.

The Wild - hardcore mode

If you have already mastered the game mechanics and are not afraid of difficulties, you can try the local survival mode. You will start playing in the harshest conditions, and your property will be limited to only the essentials.

Ferme-Beyleron - new location and farming devices

Map with an expanded farm and large pens for each type of animal. To feed the animals, a feeder with an automatic food supply was introduced. New technical devices and items included (additional tanks, mule silo NL16-22-16000 Multifrucht, truck scales, fuel tank, and much more). Also added are a vineyard, a tailor's shop, a sugar factory, an oil mill, a muesli factory, restaurants, a pizzeria, and a silage farm.

USA Map - new location and production types

Map with large fields and new types of production. Changed the size of the starting farm and removed the placement fields. New resources will also appear: crude oil, propane, and dry corn. Appropriate devices have been added for their extraction.

Volksleron Map - new farm and self-customization of the yard

A reworked version of the standard Haut-Beyleron map. A new large farm has been added that has all kinds of animals. There are several paddocks, silos, and straw storage available. Near the farm, two fields are available from the very beginning. All decor and balloons have been removed, so the player can customize the yard as desired. The fruit growth system has been reconfigured to one day with seasonal growth disabled. The map has also been updated and the starting vehicles have been changed.

VAZ 2121 - the legendary Niva

The modified modification from Farming Simulator 2019 adds a Soviet-made VAZ 2121 Niva car to the game. The maximum speed of the car is 120 km/h.

VAZ 2107 - Soviet car

Adds a VAZ 2107 car to the game, which can accelerate to 140 km/h and has a 40-liter tank. You can customize the color of the body, interior, and wheels. Animation of pedals, working sensors on the dashboard, lighting equipment, and mirrors have been introduced. In addition, the car wears out and gets dirty. The price is $3,500.

VAZ 2106 / LADA 1600 - “Six” car

Another modification that adds the legendary VAZ 2106 car. Like the previous mod, it allows you to customize the color scheme of the car and has various animated details.

Caterpillar Challenger 75 - American combine harvester

This modification adds a diesel combine to the game, which has been produced since the early 90s. Its power reaches 410 horsepower.

The General Lee V1.0 - 1969 Dodge Charger

Fans of classic American muscle cars should pay attention to this mod. It adds a 1969 Dodge Charger to the game with a Confederate flag on the roof. Driving it on local roads involuntarily reminds one of the first parts of the FlatOut series.

Tesla Cyberquad Conversion - American electric car

This mod adds Tesla Cyberquad Conversion to the game. The car reaches a speed of 120 km/h. Sold for $5,000.

KamAZ-55111 Sovok - Soviet truck

The game is complemented by the KamAZ-55111 “Scoop”, which is perfect for efficiently transporting a variety of crops. The truck reaches a speed of 67 km/h and its tank has a capacity of 350 liters. There is an animated dashboard, mirrors, and other equipment. Price: 20,000 euros.

DON-1500B - Soviet grain harvester

Another mod with the classics of Soviet mechanical engineering is the Don-1500B grain harvester. The car is equipped with a hopper of 6000 liters and reaches a speed of 25 km/h. Added lighting equipment, and it also gets dirty and leaves marks. The cost is 15,000 euros.

Strong Farmer - increased load capacity

A reworked mod from Farming Simulator 2019 that increases the character's carrying capacity. Now you can lift any heavy objects and equipment up to 100 tons and carry them over a distance of up to 15 meters.

Money Tool - adding money

The modification adds $1,000,000 to the farmer's account. Can be used in multiplayer games, but must first join a farm. We recommend using this mod with caution in online mode, as you risk getting banned.

Western Canada Seasonal Growth - Canadian farming season

Added a redesigned realistic seeding system that is suitable for Western Canada. Players will be able to grow sugar cane and cotton. There is no winter sowing and no changes in grapes, olives, and other crops. The season begins in August when most fields are already in the final stages of growth. In September it is necessary to harvest. Changed artificial intelligence, which does not sow fields in the second year.

GEO Polska – Polish farming season

Realistic sowing and harvesting seasons that correspond to the realities of Poland. There is no winter sowing, but it is possible to grow any crops. The season begins in April at the height of sowing. Some crops can begin to be harvested in June. Harvesting is necessary in October. The exceptions will be wheat, barley, rapeseed, and oats, which are ready for harvest in July.

Vehicle Explorer - convenient statistics on vehicles

VehicleSort update from Farming Simulator 2017 that helps sort and organize your vehicles. The modification displays statistics for each car and its current state. To do this, the user can open a list with detailed information about the technology.

Time Scale Script - time acceleration

Adds a time rewind function to the game, which allows you to significantly speed up the current period to 9000 seconds.

Player Walk Speed ​​- increases movement speed

Increases the character's standard movement speed. There are only five modes: from double acceleration to six times.

FS22 Extra Large Chicken Barn - large chicken coop

Many players who started raising chickens wanted to expand the building where these birds live. This mod was developed especially for them. It allows you to build a huge chicken coop with larger trays.

Refinery Diesel production - oil refinery

An oil refinery appears in the game, with which you can independently produce diesel fuel and sell it. Rapeseed or sunflower are used as raw materials. The by-product of the fuel creation will be pig feed.

Milk Station

Adds a milk station to the farm, which allows you to quickly obtain milk for further production.

Increase the possible placeable Husbandrys to 32 - increase in cattle pens

Increases the number of pens for housing livestock to 32. Please note that to use this modification you need a powerful computer.

Placeable Supplies Buying Station - station for purchasing raw materials

Adds stations that allow you to purchase feed, lime, seeds, grass, silage, straw, and fertilizer. The price of the station is 15,000 euros.

Lazy Bales - modified bales

Replaces standard round bales. From this point on, they are less likely to roll down an inclined surface.

Cressoni 14m Combine Header - new combine header

Adds a folding harvester header to the game. The equipment is color-customizable and has a working width of 14 meters. The folded header takes up very little space, so a large trailer is not required to transport it.

Farma 10M Store everything - increased silo storage

The modification allows you to install a Farma 400 silo with an increased capacity of up to 10,000,000 units. You can put almost any crop in it. The cost of the silo is $200,000.

Anderson ProChop 150 - Improved Hay Chopper

Adds a hay chopper to the game, which helps you easily fill the barn with an automatic feed supply. Accepts and loads bales of any type.

Enhanced Vehicle - more information about the state of technology

The mod displays more useful information about the vehicle and adds directional mode, all-wheel drive, differential locks, and updated hydraulic control to the car. The HUD now displays damage values, the level of any type of fuel, the current state of differential lock and all-wheel drive, engine speed and temperature, as well as the current vehicle weight.

Refresh Contracts - resetting contracts

A reworked modification from Farming Simulator 2019, which allows you to update the list of available contracts at any time. Now you don't have to wait for the timer to expire to receive new tasks on the farm.

Double yield - increased yield

Doubles the yield of all crops.

Auto Brush Horses - automatic cleaning of horse hair

A simple but useful mod, after installing it your horses' coat will be automatically cleaned every hour. This procedure will increase the purity parameter by 20%.

Giants Editor - modification editor

Finally, let’s draw your attention to the large-scale official editor from the game developers themselves, which allows you to create and transform modifications and maps. You will be able to change equipment and objects, add new structures to locations, and independently develop various in-game improvements.