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TOP 15 fellas from Palworld that need to be caught first

 Palworld continues to break records. At the time of writing these lines, the game has been purchased by 8 million people, although it was released only a week ago. Moreover, the project is in first place online on Steam, ahead of Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2. We talked more about Palworld in a large review. And now we bring to your attention 15 of the most unusual fires that can be found in the open world of the game.

TOP 15 fellas from Palworld that need to be caught first


A flying dragon that will help you with construction and searching for resources. He's also incredibly cute! Outwardly, the Quivern resembles the Pokémon Mewtwo, one of the most powerful representatives of “pocket monsters.”


Outwardly, Lovander looks like both a pink cow and a beautiful girl. But even if you are not attracted to such exotics, you will probably like his Heart Drain skill, thanks to which you will constantly restore health during battle.


This yellow pal looks like an evil version of Pikachu, the most famous Pokemon. Like Ash's beloved pet, he shocks enemies with electricity. Grizzbolt acts as a full-fledged boss, so getting him early on will not be easy.


In ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis is the god of underground rituals and mummification, as well as the guardian of the scales in the kingdom of the dead. Pal, who bears his name, resembles a cartoon version of the deity, with a dog-like face and a distinctive outfit. Tracking down and defeating Anubis is not easy, but the results are worth the effort as you gain one of the most powerful allies in the game.


A bizarre pal who looks like a baby doll with big sausages on his head. It will be extremely useful in housekeeping, base management, and collecting materials.


The name of this fell evokes associations with the Game of Thrones and House Stark. Before us is a formidable and strong predator that can be tamed. He has a high movement speed, which is extremely useful when exploring the world early in the game. You can also stroke the fur of a direwolf.


A businesslike and important penguin, whose colors resemble a military uniform. Moreover, his image is elegantly complemented by a captain’s hat. Penkin performs well in battles with fiery opponents and while working at the base.


A hybrid of a red-haired girl and a pumpkin with four legs. You can safely trust her with agriculture because she takes care of plants better than other farmers.


Pokemon fans on various forums are carefully studying the pals to accuse the developers of plagiarizing the Pokemon series . Whether they are right or wrong is difficult to say, but the parallels between the games are visible. For example, Leafmank is incredibly similar to Meowth from Team R, known from the official anime series. The only difference is the color of the coat and some details. At your base, this fella will be engaged in planting plants and cutting down forests.


Not all cats are cute. For example, Greentail, with his creepy smile, looks more like a monster than a pet furry. In our opinion, this guy is worth adding to the team for some variety.


A black centaur with two red swords, which I would like to highlight for its excellent design. In addition, it will be a good choice both as a vehicle and in combat.


And this fell looks like a cute monkey in the spirit of those we saw in the Soviet cartoon “Beware, Monkeys!” During battles, Tanzi shoots accurately with an AK-47. And if he remains at the base, he will turn out to be a good assistant in craft matters.


Most people don't associate deer with danger. Therefore, Blazamut's appearance is surprising. Pal looks like a noble animal of the artiodactyl family, but at the same time his horns burn with fire, and he is ready to burn anyone who comes to his territory.


Mammoths are rarely seen in games. Off the top of my head, I only remember Far Cry: Primal and the Syberia series. But in Palworld, you can tame the furry giant yourself and then use it as a mount.


A huge turtle with a helmet that resembles a skull. A Pokemon named Cubone wore something similar on his head. Digtoys is useful for searching and mining minerals.


What fires do you remember? Share your opinions in the comments!