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TOP 15 most anticipated games of 2024 on Nintendo Switch

 The past year was extremely busy with projects for the Nintendo Switch. We haven't seen so many good exclusive games in such a short period of time for a long time. Many gaming publications perceived the series of releases as the end of the console's life cycle and a hint of the imminent announcement of the second version of the Switch. Insiders promise that the release of the updated hybrid console will take place this fall. One way or another, games for the classic Switch will be released in 2024. Therefore, do not be upset if you purchased it recently.

TOP 15 most anticipated games of 2024 on Nintendo Switch

In this top, we have collected the most notable and unusual projects for the Nintendo Switch, which should be released in the coming 2024. In addition to the already announced remakes of Another Code, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, remasters of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, as well as a full-fledged game about Princess Peach, we will almost certainly get the long-awaited Hollow Knight: Silksong and the long-term Metroid Prime 4. At the very least, Nintendo fans will definitely not be left without games. And now more details.

Another Code: Recollection

  • Release date: January 19, 2024;
  • Developer: Cing;
  • Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Genre: adventure, puzzle.
An unexpected re-release of a cult classic from DS and Wii with new graphics, voice acting, redesigned gameplay, and an open world. The developers rebuilt the entire game almost from scratch and modernized its visuals. The updated Another Code now looks more like Life Is Strange than the 2005 original. And this is great since many DS owners criticized the game for its awkward controls and clumsy interaction with the world.

Another Code: Recollection tells the story of a girl, Ashley, who travels to the island of Blood Edward in order to find her father, who unexpectedly sent her a message from the afterlife. Players will find a well-structured detective story in which many things do not seem obvious the first time. The story is imbued with serious themes of love, grief, ambition, and human memory. We were completely delighted with the plot of the original Another Code, and are looking forward to the remake, which will be released very soon.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Release date: first quarter 2024;
  • Developer: Saber Interactive;
  • Publisher: Warhorse;
  • Genre: role-playing game.
When Warhorse joked about porting its game to a hybrid console, many players took the news as a full-fledged announcement. In order not to upset Switch owners, the Czechs had to actually start porting Kingdom Come, which, by the way, hardly works on the more powerful PS4 and Xbox One. The well-known Saber Interactive, which at one time successfully adapted The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for a hybrid console, is helping with the development of the portable version. This is the only reason we have a chance to get a more or less sane version of the cult role-playing game that will run at a stable 30 frames per second.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world first-person role-playing game. The main feature of the project is historical accuracy. The developers from Warhorse have reproduced in detail the clothing, weapons, terrain, and social structure of medieval Bohemia. The original game was released in 2018 and received good reviews from the press and players. Kingdom Come boasts a good plot, an original combat system, unusual leveling, a vibrant open world, and thoughtful side quests.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released on Nintendo Switch in a special edition, which includes all previously released DLC. The release is promised very soon: in the first quarter of 2024.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

  • Release date: February 16, 2024;
  • Developer and Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Genre: platformer, puzzle;
  • Co-op: yes.
Last September, Nintendo announced a remake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the very first GBA game. The concept of the project revolves around a combination of platforming and puzzle elements, in which a mustachioed plumber must collect the keys to locked doors behind which a huge monkey has hidden a toy version of Mario.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is Nintendo's return to earlier arcade games that are perfect for the portable format and short gaming sessions on the subway or during lunch breaks. The original GBA version received high ratings and universal acclaim. Reviewers praised the game for its original puzzles, smooth controls, more abilities, and the ability to create your own levels. The remake will receive updated graphics and a cooperative mode in which players can join forces against the crazed Donkey Kong. It will be possible to get acquainted with the ennobled classics in February of this year.

Princess Peach: Showtime!

  • Release date: March 22, 2024;
  • Developer and Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Genre: action, adventure;
  • Co-op: yes.
Princess Peach: Showtime! is an adventure game in which Princess Peach will be the main character. Nintendo will present a virtual theater in which the mustachioed plumber's lover will compete with villains Grape and Sour Bunch for the attention of the public. Peach will be helped by her partner Stella, who can be taken under control in co-op mode.

The basic gameplay of Princess Peach: Showtime! consists of dressing the princess in various outfits that will provide her with unique abilities. At the moment, the costumes of the mechanic, detective, pastry chef, and kung fu master have been confirmed. Each appearance fits a specific scene and provides unique gameplay mechanics, which, in turn, indicates high replayability. Princess Peach: Showtime is out! will take place this spring exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Little Nightmares 3

  • Release date: 2024;
  • Developer: Supermassive Games;
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco;
  • Genre: platformer, horror;
  • Co-op: yes.
Little Nightmares 3 is the long-awaited continuation of the popular duology of platformers with quest and horror elements. Unfortunately, the development of the threequel is not the responsibility of the original authors from Tarsier Studios, but of Supermassive Games, which has recently been actively creating interactive films The Quarry, The Dark Pictures, and Until Dawn. But don’t get upset ahead of time; new developers still have experience in developing platformers. They have been supporting LittleBigPlanet and Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves with additional content for a long time.

Unlike the first two parts, the player can complete the game alone with a computer partner, or with his friend in cooperative mode. Two new main characters - Low and Alone - have unique mechanics: one wields a bow and arrow, and the other wields a wrench for close combat and solving puzzles.

Little Nightmares 3 will be released in 2024 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

  • Release date: April 23, 2024;
  • Developer: Rabbit and Bear Studios;
  • Publisher: 505 Games;
  • Genre: role-playing game.
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is an action role-playing game developed by Yoshitaka Murayama, creator of the Suikoden series. The project is made in classic JRPG style with two-dimensional characters and three-dimensional backgrounds. This epic RPG will feature 100 playable characters with unique abilities and special influences on the overall story. Leveling up everyone will require a lot of free time, so completing Eiyuden Chronicle can take hundreds of hours.

Yoshitaka Murayama raised $4.5 million for the development through a crowdfunding campaign, making Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes the third highest-funded game on Kickstarter. It was originally planned to be released in 2022, but due to the pandemic, the release was delayed until 2024. At the Nintendo Direct presentation, the exact release date appeared: April 23, 2024.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

  • Release date: January 15, 2024;
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier;
  • Publisher: Ubisoft;
  • Genre: platformer, action, adventure.
Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is a side-scroller with Metroidvania elements. After the unsuccessful announcement of the Sands of Time remake, Ubisoft decided to regain the trust of fans by releasing the classic 2.5D interpretation of Prince of Persia. Unfortunately, the plan to restore the reputation failed miserably. Players disliked The Lost Crown because of the unconventional appearance of the character, which clearly smacks of a modern agenda and a desire to please a young audience. In addition, the music from the first trailer deepened the perception of the new Prince of Persia.

If we step back from the above nuances, then Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is actually an excellent platformer, which was created by the talented authors of Rayman. The game takes place in the Prince of Persia universe, but the game has no plot connection with the previous parts of the series. The developers took into account the features of the series and presented a worthy successor.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

  • Release date: Summer 2024;
  • Developer: Next Level Games;
  • Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Genre: action, adventure;
  • Co-op: yes.
Another re-release of a classic Nintendo game. The original Luigi's Mansion 2 was released in 2013 on the 3DS portable. The project received rave reviews and is considered one of the best in the series. After the controversial third part, fans were waiting for the re-release of the sequel on Switch. And they waited! Nintendo promised to improve the graphics, tighten up the textures, and raise the resolution to HD in the portable and to FullHD in the hospital. No other changes are needed for Luigi's Mansion 2. Even after 10 years, it is wonderfully addictive with its meditative gameplay.

In Luigi's Mansion 2, you'll have to search for Dark Moon shards scattered throughout several haunted mansions. The game is replete with spatial puzzles and battles with poltergeists. The 3DS version has a lot of interesting features that are tailored to the console's needs, and it's not entirely clear how Nintendo will recreate them on the Switch. We hope for a high-quality port, and not hackwork in the spirit of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, where three classic games were ported through software emulation. There is not long to wait, the game will be released this summer.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

  • Release date: February 28, 2024;
  • Developer: Nightdive Studios;
  • Publisher: Lucasfilm Games;
  • Genre: first-person shooter.
Star Wars: Dark Forces is a first-person shooter that, back in 1995, showed the whole world how to make games based on movie series. The project not only pleased Star Wars fans but also raised the quality bar for shooters in general. A high degree of interactivity, a detailed environment and a larger selection of abilities helped Dark Forces to supplant the popular Doom and achieve good sales figures. We are glad that Nightdive Studios took on the re-release because this company has repeatedly proven that it can intelligently modernize classics.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster will support 4K resolution and 120 frames per second. The developers have refined the gameplay, added highly detailed textures, improved lighting, updated rendering with atmospheric effects, and also added support for gamepads. All cutscenes have been completely redrawn and adapted for modern screens. Remasters like these look great on the Nintendo Switch's small display, and we highly recommend not passing up these timeless classics. The release will take place at the end of February.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  • Release date: 2024;
  • Developer: Intelligent Systems;
  • Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Genre: role-playing game.
Another remake that Nintendo fans have been waiting for a very long time. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a turn-based role-playing game with elements atypical for the genre. Controlling a two-dimensional version of Mario, you will explore “paper” worlds, solve puzzles, and engage in unusual battles with opponents. In 2004, critics praised the project. Special praise was given to the story, creative visual style, and addictive gameplay.

After 20 years, The Thousand-Year Door will receive a full HD remake. The developers promised to rework the graphics and adapt the controls to modern standards. The remaining features of the project will be announced before the release, which will take place this year.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered

  • Release date: February 14, 2024;
  • Developer: Aspyr Media;
  • Publisher: Crystal Dynamics;
  • Genre: action, adventure.
Yes, another remaster, but what a remaster! Before Us is an ennobled classic Tomb Raider trilogy with updated graphics. In addition to the main games, the collection will include all additions and updates.

The developers did not change anything in the basic mechanics, the gameplay remained the same: crooked and awkward platforming, clumsy action with confusing puzzles. The ability to switch to classic graphics has also been added so that fans of Lara’s “triangular” breasts do not leave upset. Released in February of this year on all current platforms.


  • Release date: second quarter 2024;
  • Developer and publisher: Level-5;
  • Genre: detective, role-playing game.
Decapolice is an open-world detective RPG in the style of Astral Chain from the authors of Ni No Kuni. The main action will take place in two realities: virtual and real. Controlling a detective, you need to conduct investigations, collect evidence, interrogate suspects, and fight opponents in a step-by-step mode. The developers promise a deep plot, complex puzzles, and atypical detective situations that cannot be solved without logical analysis.

Decapolice looks and sounds nice. The graphics are stylish, and the open world does not seem empty and monotonous. There is a lot of text in the game, and without reading it is difficult to understand the essence of what is happening. We have already received confirmation that the project will be translated into English, but we have not received a clear answer as to whether there will be a domestic localization. We can only wait for the release and hope that such a gorgeous role-playing game will not pass by connoisseurs of the genre due to the language barrier.

Unicorn Overlord

  • Release date: March 8, 2024;
  • Developer: Vanillaware;
  • Publisher: Sega;
  • Genre: tactical role-playing game;
  • Co-op: yes.
Unicorn Overlord is a tactical RPG set on the fantasy continent of Fevrite. The story follows exiled Prince Alain as he gathers an army from all five kingdoms to reclaim his throne from an evil general. The player will have access to a large open world with cities in which it is necessary to replenish the army, create armor, and purchase provisions. The combat system is divided into moving troops across spacious battlefields and participating in local battles between squads. Battles take place in real-time with a tactical pause.

The graphics of Unicorn Overlord are made in 2D sprite style. The developers specifically chose this design, since the project has too many different mechanics that are difficult to adapt to a three-dimensional space.

The Vanillaware studio is famous for its thoughtful real-time strategies, and Unicorn Overlord will clearly be no worse than previous projects. Released in March of this year.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

  • Release date: 2024;
  • Developer and Publisher: Team Cherry;
  • Genre: platformer, metroidvania;
  • Co-op: yes.
Hollow Knight: Silksong is a 2D metroidvania that, for various reasons, still can't get to release. The developers from Team Cherry promised to release the game by early 2023, but due to the desire to ideally transfer the project to current platforms, the release was postponed indefinitely. We hope that this year we will receive the final trailer and release version since Silksong definitely does not have any serious competitors in 2024.

We are waiting for an exciting platformer, challenging battles, and extensive locations to explore. The developers promised to add a quest system in which the main character will learn how to create weapons, tools, and traps from collected materials. There will also be a difficulty mode with permanent death. In it, the game design and events will be greatly changed compared to the original story. All that remains is to wait for the release to evaluate the work done by Team Cherry.

Metroid Prime 4

  • Release date: 2024;
  • Developer: Retro Studios;
  • Publisher: Nintendo;
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, First Person Shooter, Metroidvania.
According to many foreign analysts, Metroid Prime 4 should be the last major Switch exclusive. Insiders tell us that a new Nintendo console will be announced soon, which means that this year we will finally see a new chapter in the adventures of Samus Aran. The fourth part has been in development since 2019, and in five years the authors of the original Metroid Prime series should have already put together something playable. Nintendo will definitely show the trailer because the corporation does not have any other major projects in the near future.

Metroid Prime 4 was announced in 2017. Development was then handled by Bandai Namco Studios, which failed to capture the first-person Metroidvania vibe. Nintendo had to scrap the project and give it to Retro Studios, responsible for the original trilogy. In 2020, the studio's website posted a job opening for a storyboard artist to work on "emotional" and "interesting and innovative scenes that elevate the storytelling." Chances are that Metroid Prime 4 will be more cinematic and serious than any previous game in the series.


This is not a complete list of all the games that are due to be released on Nintendo Switch in the coming year. The developers probably have a couple of interesting announcements in store that will be announced at Nintendo Direct this summer. In addition, just recently there was news about porting Hi-Fi Rush to a hybrid console. This means that Switch owners will definitely not be left without cool games.