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URF return date LoL: when does the game mode return to League of Legends?

 URF mode is soon back in League of Legends! Find out the return date of LoL players' favorite game mode in this article.

URF mode is one of the most popular modes among League of Legends players. This mode appeals to players who want quick games where mechanics and knowledge of your champion are more important than having bad allies.

In a recent press release, Riot revealed the return date of URF mode, for the Lunar New Year. Find out the return date of League of Legends URF mode here!

Date of return of URF mode on LoL live servers

While season 14 has just landed on the live servers of League of Legends, Riot has just revealed the return date of the URF. Good news, URF mode will return during patch 14.3 until 14.4, i.e. Wednesday, February 7, 2024, on League of Legends. It should last until February 21, 2024 at least.

Watch the video in which Riot reveals all the new features that await you in 2024.

What is URF mode? 

URF mode, which stands for "Ultra Rapid Fire", is a special temporary game mode in League of Legends. It features a significant increase in the pace of play, with massive reductions in skill cooldowns, increased champion movement speed, and other changes aimed at making games faster and more chaotic.

URF mode is usually offered seasonally during special events such as "Scorched Earth Mode" or other festive events hosted by Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends. Players can take advantage of URF mode to experience fun and often hilarious matches, with champions able to use their skills almost constantly.