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Walkthrough of Enshrouded - how to complete all quests and defeat bosses


Walkthrough of Enshrouded - how to complete all quests and defeat bosses

Enshrouded is a new survival game that is very similar in mechanics to Valheim. However, it has a number of its own features, a unique plot, and various bosses that players will encounter as they explore the open world. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of all story quests, and also tell you how to find and defeat the bosses.

Take a spot for your base

Once you appear, talk to the Altar of Flame and follow the path forward. Go through the cave where you will find a torch. You can go around the enemies since there is no need to fight them now. You need to get to the location marked with a marker and build an Altar to establish your first base.

If you have any difficulties with crafting or obtaining resources, check out the individual guides.

How to find a sleeping survivor (blacksmith)

When you are ready, from the previous clearing you need to get to the destroyed bridge, which is located in the north. You are unlikely to get through the bridge itself now since the players first need to make a detour. However, you can get to the opposite side if you follow the path through the Veil to the right of the bridge.

If you don't have a weapon, just run past the enemies along the path. Otherwise, we recommend killing a few monsters to collect the Shroud Spores resource, which is useful for crafting items.

When you reach the other side of the bridge, be sure to install another Altar of Flame. This will save time on moving if you suddenly die.

There will be several enemies in front of the temple and in the building itself, but we advise you not to fight them now. Simply run inside, activate the capsule to free the Blacksmith, and return to the Altar.

However, do not forget to return here later with a master key - on the right side of the temple there is a door behind which there is a chest.

At the same moment, a new blueprint for the Summoning Staff will appear. Make it in your inventory and call the Blacksmith at the Altar (you can return to base). To create a staff you need to get twigs. This will unlock even more blueprints for the shelter.

How to Fast Travel in Enshrouded

As you explore the open world of the game, you may need the fast travel feature. Fortunately, you have the right to use your Altars for this. Simply open the map, select the desired altar (for example, a camp in the starting clearing), then click on it and select “Fast Travel”.

How to forge weapons

First, you have to find and create some resources. A place for collecting scrap metal will be marked on the map, but you can get it from any bandits in the game. In destroyed houses, you will also find blocked passages to basements, where chests with resources will be waiting. 

Any weapon must be forged, but it is not necessary to use it.

How to cleanse the Elixir Well (Thunder of the Fallen)

Before heading to the marked area, we recommend creating better weapons and armor, as well as strengthening the flames of the Altar. The last tip will help extend your stay in Veil.

The easiest way to get to the marked place is with a glider. If you crafted this item, equip it and jump straight into the abyss. You will land approximately at the well, where you can activate the return point.

Directly behind the point there will be a descent down - this is where you need to go. Continue down until you find yourself in a deep cave, where the first boss in this game will be waiting for the player.

How to defeat the boss Storm of the Fallen

The first enemy is very simple. He uses only two attacks: first he runs up to the hero and tries to kick him, and immediately after that he hits the ground with an ax, releasing magical energy.

We recommend using long-range weapons, such as a bow or a magic wand. Dodge attacks in a timely manner, and shoot at the enemy in the interval between them. Very soon he will be defeated, and you will only have to cut down the Veil Root to clear the area of ​​​​the evil fog. To do this, use any ax - if you didn't take the lumberjack's axe, the weapon dropped from the boss will do.

Ancient spiers. How to activate the first tower

Near the temple where you recently found the Blacksmith, there is a huge tower. She is the first of three that you need to clear. To do this, you will definitely need a hook, as well as a glider, which will help you quickly descend from the tower after clearing.

Get to the blocked passage between the rocks. Here you can use the grappling hook, climb the rocks on the left, or simply destroy the obstacle with the woodcutter's axe. Run along the path to the rock and enter the tower. After activating the resurrection point, stand in the center of the room and teleport higher.

Tip: In the tower itself you will encounter large vessels. We recommend breaking them - this will allow you to get valuable loot and various potions. In addition, such vessels contain bone meal, which is useful for crafting items, as well as sheets of metal.

Appearing on the top floor, press the button to the right of the locked door. Immediately behind it, examine the chest. Go back, go up the stairs, and use the grappling hook. This will get you to the other side.

This will take you to the next portal, but don't rush to use it. First, inspect the rest of the location for valuable items and a chest.

Having risen even higher, first of all, inspect the passage on the upper left. There is a button here that opens the door with a chest. Inside is a magic staff. Then go back, run right, and go down the stairs. There's a teleport here.

Go forward through the spiked floor and get to the teleporter. On the balcony, examine the chest, but do not rush to activate the device. On the right, there is a hole on the wall that will lead you to the first button. The second one is above the locked door with the chest. Follow back and find her. In the chest, you will find a masterly mace.

The location has been cleared. Use the last teleporter and activate the Altar of Flame. The quest will be completed.

We will update this guide soon.