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Walkthrough of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - all bosses, puzzles and chests


Walkthrough of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - all bosses, puzzles and chests

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a colorful platformer from Ubisoft, set in the mythological world of Persia, where players take on the role of the young prince Sargon. In this guide, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the game, described the solution to riddles and puzzles, and also provided answers to various questions.

Old royal road

Just follow forward all the time and perform the actions indicated on the screen. Soon you will find yourself in the Lower City.

Lower city

After the cutscene with your friends, you will meet your first enemies. Complete the tutorial and run to the right side of the map. There will also be a descent down here, but now the passage is blocked.

In the next location, use parkour to overcome obstacles. Push off the wall and jump to the pole, then point the arrow left and up and jump again.

After going down, lower the bridge, read the notes on the wall and run to the right. If you climb up to the top wooden platform, you will find a crystal that can be destroyed.

The main path lies to the right, but with the help of poles you can climb to the upper level of the location and find a chest .

On the next map, kill the enemies and go higher. The main path leads down - go down using the platforms and activate the tree. With it, you can install various amulets that you purchased or found along the way. At the same moment, a girl will appear who will advise you to use the map and open memory fragments for the hero. With their help, you can remember the area and save it on the map.

Run to the right and kill several strong enemies. Climb higher using the spiked walls. Lower the bridge, get over to the opposite side and raise it again. Climb up.

You will be taken to a large location where you need to restore the statue and move up the platforms. To do this, destroy stones with a purple glow.

On the left side you will find a locked passage that leads to the boss. However, getting here is now impossible. Follow the upper right side and find a chest here , as well as crystals . There is also a cluster of crystals to the left. Now go down to the middle level and run to the location on the right.

This way you will get to the elevator, which can transport you to the Upper City, but we do not recommend doing this now. Better go right and find the safe map "Refuge". Here you can purchase amulets from Maga, install them using the tree, and also go to the Kaheva Forge to improve your weapons and equipment. Magi, by the way, will give you the “Blessing” amulet for free, which slightly increases your health.

From the Sanctuary, go to the location with the rotating platforms (on the right) and go down. The passages to the right at the top and bottom of the map will be blocked, so head left.

You will be taken to a small level with obstacles. Having dodged all the traps and reached the end of the level, you will find yourself on the map “Hyrcanian Forests” .

Hyrcanian forests

At this level you will find new platforms - large plants that you cannot stand on for long. Once you reach the tree, jump down and deal with several enemies.

To get to the small cave with crystals, next to the stone columns, shoot at the plant above the hero and climb right onto them.

Now you will find several tests of dexterity. Replenish your arrows and shoot the first plant to climb higher.

Get rid of the bugs on the walls and repeat the steps with the second flower. However, at the top level you will have to manage to shoot at the second flower before the leaf of the first one disappears.

There will be a similar puzzle even higher. Shoot the flower, jump off the wall to the orange plant, and get to the other side. At the end you also need to have time to shoot at the second flower, otherwise, you will fall down.

How to defeat the boss

You will find yourself back in the Lower City and go through the passage that was previously blocked. Follow all the way up, climb into the open hatch and go out into the impromptu arena.

We will update this guide soon.