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Where is the herbalist's camp in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown?

 We tell you what you need to know to be able to reach a hidden area on the map of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the herbalist's camp related to a trophy/achievement in the game.

The Herbalist's Camp in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a special, slightly hidden location on the game map that is directly related to the trophy/achievement titled "Cyra's Last Hope." If you want to obtain it, you will have to find said camp in your game, but to help you in the process we have prepared this entry in our guide in which we explain all the details you need to know to travel to the mentioned area.

Where to find the herbalist's camp? (Location)

In order to find the herbalist's camp, first of all, you should know that you will need to first get the Weave of Time power. This is the last major power you have access to in the story, so make sure you progress far enough in your game to unlock it. You can obtain it at the end of the main mission Go back to the past.

When you already have this power you can go to the herbalist's camp. It is located within the area of ​​the Hyrcanian Forests. Specifically, you have to go to the easternmost end of the forests, to the point we show you on this map:

Where to find the herbalist's camp? (Location)

Once you reach this end of the path you should see an anchor floating in the air. You can throw your sash at this anchor to grab onto it; be prepared to do the same at two more anchors to your right.

Where to find the herbalist's camp? (Location)

Using these grips for the power of the Weave of Time you will be able to cross a chasm and reach the other side of the stage. This part is where the herbalist's camp is located. As soon as you arrive you should obtain the related trophy/achievement .

Additionally, for having come this far, you can collect two collectibles , a treasure , and an item of lore .