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Where to find the ghost ship in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown?

 This is all you need to do to be able to discover a ghost ship in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and thus obtain the trophy/achievement titled The Specter of the Seas.

Of all the places on Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown's expansive Mount Qaf map, one of the most special is undoubtedly the very hidden ghost ship that you're sure to overlook. However, you'll probably want to visit it to complete 100% exploration of an area and also to get the Specter of the Seas trophy/achievement, which is just finding it. For this reason, we have prepared this entry in our guide in which we explain all the details you need to know to travel to the mysterious ship in question.

Where to find the ghost ship? (Location)

In order to find the ghost ship, first of all, you should know that you will need to first obtain the power of the Fabric of Time. This is the last major power you have access to in the story, so make sure you progress far enough in your game to unlock it. You can obtain it at the end of the main mission Go back to the past.

When you already have this power you can go to the ghost ship, but in a very particular way. You will have to go to the Soma Tree area first and head along the easternmost path of the area that goes towards the Hidden Village. At the entrance to this village, you will see some ruins and an anchor that you can grab with your sash to climb up. From here a section of spiked platforms awaits you until you reach the easternmost location known as the Lighthouse.

Where to find the ghost ship? (Location)

On the map above you can consult the route that we have described and that leads to the hidden village lighthouse, a place that in turn allows you to go to the ghost ship.

Once you reach the lighthouse, climb the structures with a combination of jumps, bursts, double jumps, and grabs on anchors with the sash to climb to the highest part where there is a beacon with a fire lit and the girl Fariba is selling the map of the place.

From this location, you have to approach the edge on your right and jump into the void :

Don't worry, this jump won't kill you. You will actually fall a long distance into the clouds below and end up arriving directly at the Ghost Ship, a vessel that is mysteriously floating in the air and is part of a hitherto unexplored area of ​​the Raging Sea. As soon as you land on the ship you should already obtain the related trophy/achievement for your collection.

By being able to reach this area, you will also be able to collect two collectibles from the Raging Sea, specifically two treasures (a petal from the Soma Tree and a chest that has 200 time crystals ).