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Where to get wheat, tomato and lettuce seeds in Palworld


Where to get wheat, tomato and lettuce seeds in Palworld

Seeds from various plants in Palworld are needed to build facilities and further level up your base, but some players are having difficulty finding these resources. In the guide, we described where to find and how to get seeds for berries, wheat, tomatoes, and others in the open world of Palworld.

Unlike other games, in Palworld you don't have to search for a specific crop to get plant seeds. To do this, you can catch or destroy a certain type of firewood that drops seeds. All of them live in the open world but can have a high level, which can complicate the capture of the creatures.

Where to get berry seeds

Berries are a starting resource that you can find in forest biomes and meadows. However, when harvesting the plants themselves, the chance of seeds falling out is very small. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately find Lifmanka, if caught, you are guaranteed to receive berry seeds.

In addition, seeds also fall from Humoss animals, similar to living mushrooms.

Where to get wheat and lettuce seeds

To get wheat seeds and lettuce, just find the Bristle pala. It is found in the central regions, in dense forests.

Another animal that drops seeds is Cinnamos. He looks like a big butterfly.

But for capturing or killing Robinquill and Dinossum, you will only receive wheat seeds.

Where to get tomato seeds

To get the seeds of this plant, you will have to go to the central region and find the Broncherry pala. He looks like a large green dinosaur. The creatures are encountered infrequently and at first, they greatly exceed the player’s level, so defeating them can be problematic.


That's all you need to know about how to get seeds in Palworld. Surely there are other fires from which you can get plant seeds, but you will meet the creatures described above in the early stages of the passage. If you want to add to the guide or notice an inaccuracy, write about it in the comments.