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WoW Classic Iridescent Pearl: how to obtain it, use it and what is the item for?

 WoW Classic has a whole bunch of items available that you can collect. We'll explain how to get an Iridescent Pearl!

World of Warcraft Classic players know the importance of rare items and special components to upgrade their gear. Among these treasures, the Iridescent Pearl stands out as a prized item. This article explores everything you need to know about the Iridescent Pearl, from its fishing location to its potential uses.

How to get an Iridescent Pearl in WoW Classic?

The Iridescent Pearl can be fished in the Azshara region, specifically in 18 different locations. Consult the map to locate these areas suitable for fishing for this precious pearl. You can also obtain Pearls by defeating Murlocs.

How to get an Iridescent Pearl in WoW Classic

  • Item Level: 25
  • Maximum stack: 20
  • Sale price: 7 coins and 50 centimes