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WoW SoD phase 2 date: when can we go to level 40 and unlock a new raid?

 SoD Phase 1 blocks players at level 25 and allows them to raid BFD, but when does Phase 2 arrive? We tell you in our article.

The Season of Discovery or rather  Season of Discovery is one of the big announcements at Blizzcon. Released on Thursday, November 30, 2023, it broke all records, whether in terms of players, spectators on Twitch, or even fun!

The Season of Discovery is divided into several distinct phases, each of which unlocks content and a maximum achievable level. Phase 1 blocks you at level 25 and grants you the possibility of carrying out the Depths of Blackbrew raid. We'll give you the release date of Phase 2 of SoD which unlocks level 40 and a new raid!

When does phase 2 of SoD come out, which unlocks level 40, Gnomeregan, and what’s new? 

At the moment, we do not yet know the release date of Phase 2 of SoD. However, according to rumors, phase 2 of WoW SoD should land between January and March of 2024.  Here are the new features that await you:

  • The level cap will be increased to level 40.
  • Gnomeregan will become a raid instance in SoD Phase 2.
  • The maximum level of professions will be increased, probably up to level 225 (Expert).
  • The Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament will begin with SoD Phase 2.
  • A potential PVP zone in Stranglethorn. (Rumor)

Season of Discovery offers an exciting and innovative approach to World of Warcraft Classic. It adopts a tiered progression system, with an initial maximum level set at 25. Throughout this adventure, players will have numerous opportunities to unearth mysteries hidden in the vast world of the game. These secrets take the form of runes, abilities applicable to character equipment, acting as flexible enchantments allowing access to new skills at any time.

The abilities in question include both elements borrowed from previous or future World of Warcraft expansions, as well as completely new skills. Each level cap tier comes with a unique global PvP event and dedicated raid. The first raid, called "Blackfathom Leaps", offers an incredible experience to explore. 

When does phase 2 of SoD come out, which unlocks level 40, Gnomeregan, and what’s new

What makes Season of Discovery unique is the lack of testing, allowing players to explore Azeroth and enjoy new content without prejudice. Balancing management focuses on the "fun" side, favoring rapid progression between level bands. PvP events, such as the one in Ashenvale, add excitement with incentivized rewards.

Looking to the future, the developers are open to adding new elements, and listening to player feedback to shape the rest of the WoW Classic experience. The Season of Discovery offers a unique experience where players can experiment with new ways to play and discover new aspects of the world of World of Warcraft Classic.