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All the puzzles and choices in The Inquisitor


All the puzzles and choices in The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is a dark fantasy adventure game where gamers take on the role of an inquisitor named Mordimer Madderdine. The main character goes to the city of Königstein on a special mission, but is faced with mysterious and inexplicable phenomena. In this guide, we have prepared answers to possible questions about the game, and also described the solution to all the riddles and a description of moral choices.

Mordimer Madderdin comes to Königstein in search of a vampire, but very quickly gets involved in other intrigues: investigating murders, searching for thieves, interrogations with addiction and even witchcraft. How the inquisitor will behave in a given situation and how he will remain at the end of the adventure depends on your decisions. Below are answers to the most common questions, solutions to riddles, and explanations of answer options in some significant dialogues.

How to find a needle in a haystack

At the market square, you will need to pass several tests in order to be able to escort the girl after the fair. One of these tests will be finding a needle in a haystack. When you arrive at the right place on the table, you will see tools that you can use as you see fit.

You have three tools:

  • Sieve.
  • Rake.
  • Magnifier.
Select the last item and go to the haystack so that the main character burns it.

Save the robber's life or kill him

A little later in the story, you will stumble upon the hideout of bandits who stole a special powder from the inquisitor. A one-eyed beggar involved in the crime will appear before you. You can choose to kill him or save his life. The latter option will have a positive effect on the hero’s moral beliefs.

Is it worth torturing a tramp?

Once in the city dungeon, you will meet the executioner, as well as a tramp, who was found with a bloody dagger and a red cloak. Before going to the Other World, you can order the executioner to torture him or not to touch him. The last option is a good deed, but the torturer will still do it his own way.

How to save Amelia in the dungeon

Returning from the Other World, you will realize that the butcher has gone crazy. In attempt to stop him, an orphan will appear, whom he will also try to kill. You have to save her. The easiest way is after the end of the cutscene, run toward Amelia's voice. If you manage to find her before Roland, an escape scene will trigger. Otherwise, the executioner will put her behind bars, and you will have to wander around the dungeon for a long time in search of various clues.

Teach the bandits a lesson or stay out

After talking with the merchants on the pier, you will again see the thief who stole the powder from the inquisitor. Follow him and get to the lair of robbers. Here again there will be a choice: teach them a lesson or not interfere. If you choose the first option, you can unlock several achievements, but you will also have to kill the boy's father.

Having done this, the city guard will appear and try to kill the boy. Select the first option "Save the guy" to open an additional fork for the achievement.

How to find the library key

In this task, you will encounter several puzzles at once. Once you reach the temple, enter the sacristy and look around the room. On the closet door you will see a mini-game "Tag". You need to move the squares correctly to get an image like the one in the screenshot below.

How to find the library key

How to find the library key

When you do this, a keyhole will appear. However, it is located in a different location. Examine the left cabinet with a combination lock by the altar. Only instead of numbers here you need to make a combination of Latin letters. This is not difficult, because it is depicted on the closet door - “INRI” .

Open the cabinet and take the key. However, before this, we recommend that you examine the cardinal’s rings mounted on two stone hands. Their combination will be needed to open the door to the secret room of the library.

How to find the library key

How to make a Shersken

In the cardinal's room in the library, you will find a laboratory table and you can make inquisitor powder. To do this, follow the instructions on the table:

  • Add one handful from the third pot on the left;
  • One handful from the moon pot (second from left);
  • Two handfuls from a pot with a star (first on the right);
  • Two handfuls from a pot with an inverted symbol of a woman (first from the left);
  • Four handfuls of groats with the number “3”.
Once done, press the Spacebar to mix the ingredients.

Should you take a guard with you to prison?

The captain of the city guard will ask the inquisitor to deal with the crazed executioner. Before entering the dungeon, you can choose whether to take a guard with you. If you call him and give him the witch's amulet, Roland will kill the man. Therefore, it is best to go alone.

How to take a crossbow from a thief

If you decided to teach the bandits a lesson and killed the leader, and then saved the guy from the crossbow arrow, then later you will meet him again. This time he will have a crossbow in his hands, and you will have to either take him without blood or kill him. To save the boy’s life a second time, you will have to choose the right lines:

  • I saved your life. Is this how you decided to repay me?
  • I didn't consider you an enemy.
  • So the merchant was talking about you.
  • It wasn't a good investment.
  • It's easy to order a murder. But to kill yourself...
  • And you won't flinch? This will weigh heavily on your conscience.

Having done everything correctly, you will take the crossbow from the thief and receive the “Negotiator” achievement.

How to Interrogate Brother Finkelstein

The only survivor of the three Finkelstein brothers will refuse to talk about the blades, so the Inquisitor will resort to traditional methods to loosen the tongue. However, even in this case, he can muddle the brain of the main character. Select the following options:

  • Think carefully.
  • Your voice is dripping with lies. Prepare to suffer.
  • One of the three?
  • What did you do with them?
  • Johannes Reuchlin?

This will end the interrogation, and you will receive an important clue that will lead the inquisitor to the cemetery.

How to beat Persian at chess

How to beat Persian at chess

We haven't found a direct way to defeat him in a fair game, but after some failed attempts, an alternative path opens up. The Inquisitor will find a secret door in the table where the chess mechanism is located. To solve this riddle, you need to set the following symbols:

  • IX - VI - XX - XXX - VI - XV
How to beat Persian at chess

How to open a secret door in the catacombs

According to the plot, you will find yourself in the healer’s house, where you will find the entrance to the secret catacombs. The dungeon is guarded by guards, so you will have to get rid of them. When you examine the doctor's laboratory, you will definitely notice a secret passage. However, to open it, you need to correctly install three candlesticks on the wall:

  • Right-center;
  • Centered - top;
  • Left - bottom.
How to open a secret door in the catacombs

How to solve the riddle of the Holy Fire

Immediately after the previous puzzle, you will find yourself in a huge room with a statue and several braziers for the Holy Fire. Go to the statue and click on the skulls in a certain sequence:

  • Bottom right.
  • Top left.
  • Top right.
  • Bottom left.
  • Top center.
  • Bottom center.
How to solve the riddle of the Holy Fire

Take the candle and go to the brazier with the Holy Fire. Light the candle, then walk around the hall and light the remaining braziers in any order.

How to solve the riddle of the Holy Fire

How to conduct a conversation so that Amelia has time to help

After the battle and a lengthy cutscene, the Inquisitor will find himself tied up in front of three heretics. At the same moment, you will see an orphan girl with her dog who wants to help the main character. However, to do this you will have to talk to the kidnappers. Choose from the following options:

  • Why Liliana?
  • What you want from me?
  • You want to start the apocalypse.
  • The horsemen will not obey you.
  • And how are you going to achieve this?
  • I will never join your sect (in this case you will unlock the “Thunderstorm of Heretics” achievement).
  • Really?
  • I carry within me only an unshakable faith in Christ.

If you do everything correctly, you will receive the “Master of Time-Taker” achievement. In addition, you can choose whether to kill Reuchlin in Liliana’s body or spare him. We don't know how the second option will affect the plot, but if you choose the first, you will kill both Reuchlin and the girl.

How to open the secret room in the Countess's palace

Once you reach the palace, talk to Nontle, who is lying on the stairs. Then go down and go around the stairs, and then interact with the painting. You need to rotate the circles to get an image like the screenshot below.

How to open the secret room in the Countess's palace