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Complete walkthrough of Stalker: The Exception

 The Exception is a story mod for the game STALKER: Call of Pripyat, where gamers take on the role of an experienced killer named Thomas, who will have to eliminate a certain group of foreign stalkers. In this guide, we described in detail the completion of all available quests and also gave useful tips for the game.

Complete walkthrough of Stalker: The Exception


You appear on the outskirts of the location, next to the place where the customer is waiting for you. He is located on the top floor of an unfinished building - go up the stairs and talk to him.

After the conversation, two quests will appear in the task log at once, but one of them will be active almost until the end of the passage. Give preference to those tasks that are marked with a marker on the map.

Scientists Bunker

From the meeting point with Slow, run along the road to the south - this will take you to the scientists’ base. Approaching the bunker door, the task will be updated. Turn around and chat with Bury, then head to Sakharov to continue the quest.

From the scientist himself, you can purchase various medicines, anomaly, and artifact detectors, as well as a Geiger counter. We advise you to save up money to buy an anomaly detector, as it will save your life more than once while traveling through locations. The artifact detector, of course, will help you extract resources and make good money. As for scientific kits, they will also be useful, since in most anomalies the protagonist will have various negative effects.

After talking with Sakharov, you will receive a tip that should lead you to the merchant. However, we do not recommend rushing: since there are no additional tasks for earning money, you can start hunting monsters, and then sell parts of their bodies to a scientist.


Good old Sidorovich is waiting for you in a small village approximately in the center of the location. If you follow the road, you will go through two checkpoints, after which you will definitely come across a pack of dogs. Whether you kill them or not is up to you. If you want to get around, turn left before the gas station and walk past the huge tanks, then exit on the other side.

In the village itself, in attics and roofs, you can often find stalker caches. However, searching for such objects in this modification is a thankless task, especially since they become interactive only after finding the coordinates. The maximum you will find is food or drink, which Sidorovich does not buy and which will be lying around in your backpack until an overload occurs.

Intelligence service

The merchant will agree to help and will try to make inquiries about the group of stalkers that Thomas is looking for, but at the same time, he will throw in a little work. We need to get rid of the leader of the bandits who have settled in a village nearby. Just follow the marker and watch a short cutscene, after which do not forget to search the cache of the dead bandit.

Note: If you try to clear the village right now, you will receive a mission failure message. However, this will not affect the plot in any way, because upon returning to Sidorovich, he will still give out the next quest. We advise you not to meddle with the bandits just yet, because after completing several mandatory tasks you will receive an automatic weapon and a shotgun.

For completing the task you will receive $3,000.

No noise. Where to find Camp Freedom

To complete the next quest you will have to work a little for Freedom and Scientists. Sidorovich says that he does not have modules for weapons, and the main character wants to clean up the bandits’ camp without making noise. To do this you will need a 9mm muffler.

The Freedom camp that the merchant talked about is located in the lower central part of the map, right behind the large production facility where the zombies live. You can bypass it or clear it - it's up to you.

At the base itself, talk to Silva. The character will tell you about a certain artifact that can be observed in a tunnel nearby, but there is no way to get to it. This will begin the “Teleport” quest.


When going to the marked area, get ready to meet mutant cats that live next to the railroad tracks. You can climb onto the cars to neutralize them safely.

Try to get to the artifact - nothing will work. At this moment, the main character’s thoughts will appear on the screen, in which he advises returning to the scientists.

If you decide to take a shortcut to the bunker instead of following the road, you will encounter kinks and wild boars. You can kill them to sell the resources to scientists.

Sakharov will advise you to contact the associate professor. He is waiting in the next room. You won't have much choice, so after receiving the device, run to the anomaly in the tunnel again.

Install the scanner next to the teleport and get ready to meet enemies. When you first start, a shotgun will appear - immediately pick it up and wait.

The third time, a pseudo-dog teleports to the hero, and then a snork. Eliminate the threat, after which the anomaly will disappear. As soon as you pick up the artifact, hostile mercenaries will appear. Save first so as not to replay the last segment, because after the cutscene the character will sway from side to side for some time.

Having dealt with the opponents, you can take away their weapons for the first time (it will be impossible to repair the guns since they are in critical condition), and also take the PDA from the body of one of them. Return to the Svobodovite and give the artifact in exchange for the silencer. As a reward, you will receive:

  • Dollars (15,000);
  • Muffler;
  • UMP45;
  • .45 ACP cartridges.


Having completed several previous tasks, you can begin to eliminate the bandit leader. However, we personally didn’t need the silencer at all, because the bandits notice the main character at a great distance. You will first have to purchase a sleeping bag from Sidorovich or wait, which is much longer.

In total, you have to destroy about ten enemies. Try not to hide behind wooden shelters, as opponents are cheaters and shoot at the hero through them. Trees and walls of houses will be your reliable shelters, and if necessary, use save and load.

Don't forget to examine the corpses of your enemies. You won't find much loot, but you will get the coordinates of some caches. When you're ready, return to Sidorovich for the next task.

Sidorovich's flair

To activate the quest, you will have to sleep first. But if the protagonist does not want to rest, he will have to use certain drugs or vodka - the easiest way to increase fatigue.

The task is quite simple: go to the point marked on the map, place the container with trash, and move to the nearest hill. When the stalker approaches and tries to open the case, you can immediately kill him without dialogue, or you can first say hello from the merchant.

As a reward, you will receive $7,000 and some information on the group of stalkers.


In this task you need to talk with the Wolf and the newcomer, and then follow the latter to the place where the bloodsucker appears. This quest is the last one in this location, so after the second dialogue with Sidorovich, prepare to go to Agroprom.

New information. What to do with debtors

As soon as you find yourself at Agroprom, you will meet with a small group of debtors of three people. Lower your weapon and approach the commander. It will not be possible to reach an agreement, so immediately after the conversation, quickly eliminate all three.

At the same moment, the PDA will receive a message from another group of stalkers who are waiting in the northwest of the location. The ferret will explain what needs to be done and also give the Mole's coordinates. We advise you to follow the road and not approach the military base, as the hero will be shot by snipers. Along the way, you will also encounter several military checkpoints.


Upon reaching the Mole's base, players will receive coordinates for the entrance to the tunnels. The red dot marks the transition, but the entrance to the dungeon itself is located a little to the north.

Note: be sure to take a lot of ammunition and medicine with you, since the journey will be long, and in the dungeons you will meet a large number of different mutants - from rats to burers.

Enter the passage dug by the snorks and climb onto the ledge on the left. There is also a manhole here: if you can't climb up on foot, try doing it in a squat.

Here the player will be met by the first enemies. First, it will be jerboas, and then snorkels. We advise you not to run immediately after the marker, but to go to the right side of the mine. Here you will find a spacious adit with two burers. If you use an anomaly detector, a rare and expensive “Mineral” artifact will appear right in the center of the room.

As soon as you go through the passage, kill the pack of snorks and go along the tunnel to the right. Having reached the stairs, several dwarfs will appear - these opponents are quite tenacious. The main path leads up the stairs, but if you want to find some artifacts, continue to the right and examine the anomalies.

After going up the stairs, look at the shelves on the right. There are several first aid kits and ammo for a shotgun and machine gun. It's sparse, so we advised you to take ammunition with you in advance.

A flock of jerboas is waiting in the next room. Go through the grate into the room and kill the burer, then go down the stairs - there are also rodents here.

In the long corridor, find a vertical staircase and go higher. Don't forget to inspect anomalies for artifacts. Here you can save time if you go up to the top floor and climb into the gap, which will lead to an electrical anomaly. At the very beginning, there is another artifact.

When you're ready, go back and go down. It is not necessary to enter the room with the bloodsucker - you will go the other way. Snorks will appear on the left, but you can ignore them and run forward to the spiral staircase.

On the top floor the hero will be attacked by rodents again. Here we ran out of ammunition, so we had to fight back with a knife. We hope you turned out to be more thrifty. Along the way, you can find several caches, but there is nothing useful in them except food and drink.

Once at the Duty base, help the stalkers deal with the remaining enemies. If you don't have any ammo, borrow other weapons from the corpses. When all the enemies are killed, talk to Gray - he was waiting for us in the building on the first floor. Also, go up to the third floor and chat with the Mole.

The task will not end here. To get information, you will have to fight the military at a base nearby. There are a lot of enemies in the area, so move along the right side and gradually eliminate the enemies.

As always, your best friends are trees and concrete. It is better not to hide behind other shelters. After getting rid of your enemies, talk with a foreign journalist and check out the goods of a local merchant. It will appear after you rest using a sleeping bag.

To the Landfill

To go to another location from the military base, run along the road to the east. There will be heavy fog, and right at the crossing players will encounter a military checkpoint. Get to the hangar and go down to the basement to talk with the Bartender.

We will update this guide soon.